Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

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Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

Post by Greg2600 » May 19th, 2020, 6:07 pm

So I've been cleaning up and partially organizing my massive messy pack rattish personal digital storage, as a result of this stupid pandemic. Decades ago, I used to use Microsoft Outlook Express for my email. I had many accounts, and used OE via POP/IMAP rather than logging onto the mail websites. Well when I KO'd my last Windows XP PC, I saved the mail files. Years went by and I didn't touch them until now. It was a bit of a pain in the butt, but using an old Dell XP Laptop, I was able to convert them to files that modern MS Outlook could use. While going through one of the sent folders, I discovered I had periodically been chiming into WCW feedback, as if they cared right? Ha ha ha. I listened to Borash and Ryder on WCW Live every week back then. I also spent most of my time on, which Ryder ran also, so much of my reactions stemmed from what they wrote.


The emails basically occurred during the final year of WCW, beginning with the loss of the Benoit/Eddie/Malenko/Saturn group, and ending with a long winded gripe directed to the WWF when they bought out WCW and asked for fan comments. I tried to associate a recap from Wrestling Recaps where applicable. Enjoy the cringe fest.


Mon 2/7/2000 2:51 PM - Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, Guerrero to WWF!!!!!????????!#@$!#$!#$!
What is this, these 4 true WCW stars are in the WWF now. I cant believe that.
This really disappoints me. Whoever runs WCW is a fool, they keep changing angles all the time. Benoit deserved the title a long time ago. I hope that these 4 competitors get a second chance to come back to WCW. They exemplify what WCW technical wrestling is all about. Mostly, I think that these guys have a tough, respected personality for each of them, and the damn WWF will only embarass them like other veterans they have (Bulldog, Kane, etc.).
Please try to bring these guys back , especially Benoit, how could you let him go?????????

Also, you're making a fool of Terry Funk, Flair, Hogan and other veterans, make them in a more reasonable story line and not just trashtalking all the time.

Tue 4/4/2000 4:02 PM - New Era

I am very excited that Bischoff and Russo are back!

WCW needs to do something fast, it's been horrible for months.

What or who would I like to see is a long list.
Obviously, I hope all the injured guys (goldberg, hart, nash, ddp) can get back soon.

I like to see all the belts up for grabs and everchanging, the NWO, Harlem Heat, the Women's division, the Nitro Girls, Hogan, Sting, Vampiro, Flair, Package, Duggan, Mamalukes, etc.

I hope WCW can further develop young stars (especially Chuck Palumbo!!)
And to go and get some guys from other places! (Candido)

Clearly, over the last year a LARGE number of favorite WCW stars of mine bolted from the company during rough times.
(Giant, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, Saturn, Raven, Jericho, many more)
These guys were the heart of the Eric Bischoff philosophy and I hate it that they are gone, because they're used like crap in other federations, especially Benoit and Malenko in WWF, sickening!
So if possible, I would like to see them return one day,

Also, where in the world is Gorgeous George and Randy Macho Man Savage???
Where is Mongo McMichael???? Ted DiBiase??? Rick Steiner??? Disciple??
Have them back too!

Anyway, good luck, Eric and Vince!
Tue 4/11/2000 2:28 PM - Nitro comments for those who dissed it!!!
NO, What is wrong with you people!!!
I can't believe all the negative voices out there, are they nuts!
They were probably disgruntled WWF fans. Nitro was as it should be, crazy!!!!
As for the "old time losers" who want the old days of wrestling back, FORGET ABOUT IT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!! You can blame Vincent J.McMahon for that. He went to the sewer and America loved it, what can I say. The old days of wrastlin and Hillbilly Jim & the Bushwackers & the Rockers are OVER, not WCW, that old school crap is OVER. Nobody wants to see that boring crap any more. It's for Saturday mornings, not primetime.

As for WCW in general, bad decision to black out TNT/Nitro in the UK as I heard. Anyway, Nitro was great, and i knew alot of what might happen from the Net, but WOW!!!!!!!!! I would have loved to be there. Big Prob for WCW though around me is that in the New York/NJ metro area, WWF is king because they are located here and they have shows at the Meadowlands Arena and MSG. WCW needs to be there, not in the stupid Nassau Colliseum, nobody goes there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nitro, though, was great, and even without Goldberg there yet! I loved seeing old faces like Hart, Van hammer, Horace Hogan, and Shane Douglas again. As for Mike Awesome, he's ok, but I hope they can get Lance Storm (from Calgary) and team him with Bret Hart when he gets back, and Bret will be back, I believe in him. Also, maybe by then Benoit will sober up and figure out WWF stinks and come back, he was great. And I must add that the old guys in wrestling will not be thrown out of WCW, but they are only the traditional "American underdogs" facing the mass of youngsters, and will have fun competing with them.

WWF will soon go down because all they do is have Rock, HHH and the McMahon's jaw away on the Mic and I cant stand the sight of Vince and his family after how he screwed Bret Hart. WWF has all losers and wanabee wrestlers, who can't talk.

PS: Still looking for Piper, Savage, and Austin is still a wuss for not fighting Goldberg. Also, New Blood sounds stupid, I like NWO better. And although I am 21 and the profanity doesn't bother me, like Bret Hart says, it's unnecessary and you can see that the wrestlers are not comfortable in mouthing them. If you have to bleep it out, don't say it.

Sat 4/22/2000 7:31 PM - Suggestions to WCW folks!!
First off, I very much support all that Russo and Bischoff are doing.
I love the Russo New York tough guy approach. Being from Jersey, the whole Russo-NY vs. DDP-NJ war is great, because there's a definite rivalry around here.
PS: The "statue of liberty" will always be in Jersey.

I am also excited by the large number of WCW wrestlers being involved, the more the merrier!

Also, I heard that WCW saturday night is just a highlight show now. That upsets me because I really liked seing the power plant guys on TV. WWF has Sunday Night Heat, so Wcw needs to compete at that mini-third show angle. Another rumor was that Sat. Night would be its own entity, aside from the regular WCW angles. That sounds good, but I hope it doesn't get moved to sat morning, I watch Worldwide Sunday mornings before NASCAR, but I work Sat mornings and wouldnt see it. So I hope they reconsider leaving SN on sat nights, preferrably from 7 to 8 pm, that way there's new matches. I heard that the sat night tapings were cancelled, but you guys will have at least one house show per week ,show that stuff. Chuck Palumbo rules!

Tue 4/25/2000 9:39 PM - Nitro this week
Once again, a great show.
I was wowed by the Hogan match, that was brutal, but exciting.
Arquette was fantastic. But DDP could have been more believable about the divorce scenario. Shocker was him winning the belt. The BEST part though was Sting getting a load of bloody gunk dumped on him. I jumped off my couch like a missile with surprise!

One suggestion pertaining to WCW live last week. Bob Ryder had a super idea, that if WCW nitro goes back to 9-11pm, that they should have a "pregame show" like the NFL (and every other sport on ESPN) from 8-9. That would be new!

Also bring back the Nitro Girls and Saturday Night!

Thu 5/4/2000 2:37 PM - Thunder was SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Holy cow!!!!!!

Great, just wonderful. That was the best wrestling program I've watched in years, and I am not joking. I read that Raw got a 7.4 and Nitro only a 2.5 rating this week and that is bull shit. These ratings are fixed or something, they are not realistic. I watched that Rock vs. Shane cage match and it sucked royally. The WWF is so damn Corny and repetitive it makes me sick. Please, WCW, don't go messin with your stuff because the ratings are low, because they are WRONG!

Back to Thunder, that 30 minute Battle Royal was incredible, the battle royal is without a doubt the most exciting match in wrestling history. Is it possible for WCW to do a Royal Rumble like the WWF? That would be great!

I am a wrestling fan for 15 years, from the start of Hulkamania and I was out of the loop for a few years but got back into it in around 97. (my freshman dorm had no cable so I couldn't watch anything from 96-97)

I would watch WWF here and there and Nitro too, but just when I was bored, not as a fan.
Guess what got me back in, though? 1997, Goldberg vs. DDP ppv matches, that were absolutely astounding! What a rivalry, fans not sure who to root for. Goldberg the favorite, Page the galant underdog, great.

I was going so darn nuts last night, jumping all over the place when Savage showed up! In my opinion, these are the most excited I've been over Wrestling since 97. Lowest to highest

1. Goldberg vs. DDP match
2. When MacMahon finally was gonna fight Austin a few years back, but as typical with the WWF, never really did
3. Anytime Roddy Piper shows up.
4. When Flair beat Bischoff for the company control
5. Thunder last night.
6 The Las Vegas Nitro return of Hulk Hogan, sorry, but that was huge!

Russo, you da man, so keep up the good work, and I wish we could see the young guys again, make Saturday Night or WorldWide into it's own federation! To hell with ECW, beat them too!

In my mind, you've already kicked WWF's ass!

Tue 6/13/2000 1:59 AM - wcw on-line thoughts
I enjoyed the Reload and post-nitro wcw live internet programs. They are both important and I feel these media give you a DEFINITE leg up on the WWF! I think you should continue to plug them on television.

I am impressed that Goldberg turned heel because he had nothing left to do as a good guy. Also, it's great that he did this, because Eric Bischoff was partly right about the surprise because Goldberg turned heel before the great Stone Cold, and there's nothing Vince McMahon can do about it!!!!!! Still, it's nice because the bad guys are the most liked in WWF, at least with me, I really admire Triple H.

My most important suggestion.....the pay-per-views, well, I don't suscribe to them because they're too much money and Nitro and Thunder are better than them anyway, and free. I think I heard on the web a rumor that WCW was going to put payperviews on HBO or showtime or premium channels for free to their suscribers. That would be great for me (HBO suscriber since day one), but if not, I would like to see the ppv's perhaps aired the following weekend as a re-run. That is what HBO does with TVKO and boxing as well !

Last, I would like to see WCW do a cameo with the Mamalukes and someone from the Sopranos (like Paulie Walnuts Tony Sirico)
Also, I heard Samuel L. Jackson was going to be on WWF and with Swartzenagger already, you guys need a better cameo than Arquette or Van damme or Chuck Norris. I suggest a NASCAR driver, they are getting more popular. I saw Bill Elliott last week, but I would love to see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. kick David Flair's butt!

Mon 7/10/2000 2:49 PM - Beach Bash, my thoughts ... 00-792000/
I did not see but have now heard all about what happened.

I really wanted Hall back and to see Hogan, hall, and nash reform the nWo.

However, if that wasn't going to happen, I see no need for Hogan right now.

If he was that stupid about everything, so be it. He should have lost to Jarrett by a screw job, and that's it.

I hope Hogan and Russo can make an angle of it, but that is unlikely

Thu 7/20/2000 12:30 AM - Nitro
Great Show! As usual of course.
Goldberg/Steiner, beautiful, Nash runin was super! He had to do it, neither Goldberg or Steiner can lose that match at this point.

Thu 7/20/2000 12:40 AM - Wonderful Thunder!!!!!
Great show, absolutely great@!!!!!@@!#!@#

I really loved Storm's Canada Belt!!!!! Excellent
Ms. Hancock, terrific!

I noticed the "girls" around ringside, quite interesting!

Kanyon is hilarious!
Good, Kiwi got his but kicked!

Douglas and Torrie, GrEat!
Last, Nash's interview was AMAZING!!!!!!
I loved how he used internet rumors in his spiel.
17 months left on the contract, Seigel against Hall!

You MUST bring back Hall. Hogan with him too.

Last, Tank Abbott CANNOT wrestle, he screwed up and KAragias got hurt.
Thu 8/3/2000 7:02 PM - Wcw needs to be sold!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The Russo interview is just another example of WCW getting TOTALLY screwed by Turner Sports TV. How the Hell can you possibly compete with the WWF? Also, Turner doesn't give a crap about WCW. They are cheap and absolutely horrible when it comes to wrestling knowledge.

PLEASE sell WCW to SFX or somebody else and so they could go to another network. TNT doesn't promote WCW for shit. I am sick of these TNT-TBS losers.

Thu 8/17/2000 5:57 PM - No more separate Thunder??????????
I heard a report of Thunder being taped AFTER Nitro this fall.
That makes no sense! Bad decision. That is another sign of WCW going cheap.

I listened to WCW live last night. Russo is COMPLETELY RIGHT!!!!!!!
WCW needs to market better. No one outside the common fan base and the internet have any clue of WCW at all. The WCW Mayhem marketing blitz last year when Russo first came in seemed to work.

Again, I know the audiences are small, but wouldn't that be very confusing on the ring fans? I don't think they would react as if this was a new show.

Last, all this backstage turmoil. WCW needs to make it a Russo has last say or else. McMahon's people don't let their wrestlers push them around

Thu 8/17/2000 6:44 PM - more suggestions. Listen to Russo WCW!!!!!!!
More of what Russo said on WCW Live

WCW really needs a better leadin to Nitro than ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The idea of a pregame show is fantastic. Ryder has brought it up before, Russo has, and so have I!!!!!!!
WCW needs to wise up and stop being this lazy, cheapskate company.

Russo's idea of a Larry Sanders-like wrestling show is also great. Try something different!

His point on how WCW lacks a WWF like creative services package is important.

WCW and Time Warner needs to step up.

Tue 9/5/2000 5:51 PM - Nitro good as always!
I thought the War Games match was huge. It could have been better, but that cage is pretty damn dangerous!
The lighting stunk, too dark. Still, It was definitely like a ppv, and anyone still watching WWF after this show needs their head examined. Russo wearing the Devils jersey in Dallas was the cherry on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu 10/5/2000 10:55 PM - wcwlive 10/4
Russo's dumping on Jim Ross was hillarious!
Vince should be on all the time ribbing on all the ridiculous things in Wrestling.

It makes people realize how stupid the wwf is

Sun 4/1/2001 3:11 AM - The "new wcw"
As someone who frequently has emailed my thoughts to the old wcw, on a range of subjects, I would like to say a few things about the new wwf owned wcw.

First of all, I am a college graduate and current graduate student, age 22. I have been watching WRESTLING for 15 years. I hate when Vince calls it sports entertainment, it should only be referred to as Wrestling, to hell with the censors and critics. Originally, I was a die hard WWF fan for almost ten years. However, in the mid-90's I grew bored with the WWF and stopped watching wrestling. Believe it or not, it was this wild, crazy ECW that got be back into it, when I started watching in 1995. Eventually, I became a WCW fan though, not WWF, mostly because I just don't like Austin or the Rock. In all honesty, I would say that I, like most of the WCW fans(that were left) are old school fans. We want to see guys like Flair, Savage, Hogan and Piper for 30 years even.

Why I was a WCW FAN?
1. WCW always gave the impression of being the closest to a sporting event-framework. They had tournaments, considered the belts as goals for competition. And most importantly, WCW focused much on its HISTORY, and announcers like Tony Schiavone would give you a quick stroll down memory lane. Bash at the Beach '96, for ex., when Hogan joined the NWO, was often repeated. That's one thing I don't like about the WWF, they seem to be EMBARASSED by their past, instead of sharing it with the fans. I think that's a mistake. All the WWF fans I know have been fans since the Junk Yard Dog days, and we'll reminisce about times like Warrior vs. Hogan at Westlemania 6. Now I think it's cool they're having this Gimmick Battle Royal, but it's not the same. The Nitro Girls, as well, added to that image!

2. WCW LIVE and RELOAD!!!!!!
These 2 internet programs were awesome and the WWF couldn't come close. Borash and Ryder were great on Live, where wrestlers would come and talk with the fans candidly, not in character, selling all the time!!!! Creative team people like Terry Taylor, Bill Banks, and others would discuss things and joke around, it was great. Tony Schiavone was great too. And Reload was tremendous, a pre-show Internet TV, what a concept! I really hope WWF brings these things back, with the same people, and I would suggest doing the same with their programs.

3. Accomplished Stars.
I'm sorry, but if Hogan is on TV, I watch, no matter how bad he looks, or what's on elsewhere, I watch. Macho Man, Sting, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Piper, Flair. They were the best, and watching them is great therapy in my mind. I hope that WWF will even think about wrestling classics shows that would showcase the fun and memories of BOTH the WCW and WWF days gone by.

4. WCW was more "intelligent"
What I mean here is that, for the most part, WCW tried not to insult your intelligence, something the WWF has done in the past in some angles. Obviously, believability is important, and I enjoyed the "reality" based stories WCW was looking at. I mean, a comatosed Linda McMahon, that's just dumb! Everybody knows there's nothing wrong with her, it insults your intelligence. They should have just had her storm out.

Where WCW should go?
Well, hopefully, many things will stay the same, but we'll see.
This timeslot (sat. 11-1am), I guess I could do that, but how about younger people? Even when I was in high school, I was out cold by 12. I think that's too late. PLEASE PUSH TNN FOR LIKE WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 9-11!!!!!!
Also, I hope there is a show coming soon to the Meadowlands in NJ, my backyard, cause WCW aint been there in ages!!!
I can't wait for the WWF also to market WCW better, a problem TIMewarner had, they did nothing, and I let them hear it. Hopefully, WCW can have the success wwf products have had.

One last thing, I really don't mind how WCW goes in terms of a direction. There younger talent is extremely green and frankly a lot of it stinks. Heck, if you had Goldberg, Sting, and Hall and Nash the Outsiders, at one time or another, especially getting the Cliqk back together. I think every WCW would stay loyal for good. As long as WCW can retain its identity, meaning that the old days are suddenly forgotten. Also, having announcers like Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone and mean gene would be great, in that it would keep the feelings alive.

All in all, I am upset that Eric Bischoff's WCW is gone, but I think that McMahon's will do fine, as long as Shane gets about 10 times more airtime than Vince on WCW. I warn the WWF that dumping WWF wrestlers and Vince might displease WCW fans. Why? Because we've disliked Vince's onscreen persona for so long and he is such a WWF symbol, whereas Shane can be neutral and make it work. And bring Jerry Lawler back, too. and don't forget about Booker T, The Steiners, Bagwell, even Luger, and Jeff Jarrett! And don't EVER BE AFRAID of popping up with another NWO angle! WCW fans will never tire of it.

WWF/WCW, Thanks for your interest in the thoughts of the fans.
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Re: Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

Post by ICW » May 19th, 2020, 9:57 pm

This was really, really fun to read
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Re: Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

Post by Luke » May 20th, 2020, 1:37 am

Interesting to read. I enjoyed a lot of late WCW also.

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Re: Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

Post by WOODMO » May 21st, 2020, 2:00 am

This was a fun read!! You may have been the biggest Palumbo fan known to man lol

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Re: Reliving WCW's Final Year Via My Emails!

Post by Greg2600 » May 21st, 2020, 11:26 am

Thanks guys, though I must say, having read these, I was def trolling a bit (esp Palumbo fandom ha ha). Good grief how bad I was smoking Vince Russo's farts during this period!
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