#SummerStreetMeets 4 HUGE wants!! Bonus HVFF from JUNE

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#SummerStreetMeets 4 HUGE wants!! Bonus HVFF from JUNE

Post by lanza218 » November 8th, 2019, 2:19 am

Yes Yes, it has been awhile, so i will combine some of my summer meets into one report! Without wasting too much time, lets get right to it.

Good friend Greg Izzi gave me a tip on Helen Hunt, who is hardly in NYC area and not very nice. But he got her the night before so I figured i would try. Of course the same people who got photos and autos the night before came up and brought friends.....well Helen was as accommodating as could be with autos but said no pics...lovely...she starts doing them but again people who got her the night before get...i run up to her and she says take it while walking....could have been worse, could have been better, but got the shot.

Image20190627_214542 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Greg made a report on this earlier, but here are my ops from the entire day

David Wohl

ImageIMG_1228 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

ImageIMG_1230 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Colin Woodell

ImageIMG_1232 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

A White Whale of mine for years has been Jacob Benjamin "Jake" Gyllenhaal literally it is either wrong night or wrong place wrong time or he denies or skips me for YEARS. Tried again and thankfully righted the wrong Was too nervous to have Greg take my pic, as handlers screamed no flash and Jake wasnt really looking and skipping people. Hell, even got an auto out of it.

Image20190920_222538 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Earlier that day, we went for Burn Notice and Fargo star Jeffrey Donovan very nice guy

ImageDSCN0032 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Onto last week, where we begin the night with me at the right spot and greg misreading the address and at the wrong spot- i inform him where to go and get a call- he sees me a block away and informs me to hurry over as he sees a BIG random- Gerard Butler another huge want, who I missed the few times I tried for him. He was on his bike chatting with a friend so waited for that to finish, as soon as he did he gets a call....I hand greg my phone ask for a pic, he puts the woman on hold and bam, i get the shot! and a worst pic nominaion!

Image20191030_175324 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Image20191030_175322 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Made our way back to the original spot and within 10 min we get our want Enrico Colantoni from many roles, nice as can be

ImageDSCN0389 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

With time to kill, we get to teh next spot early for rare Muppet name, Martin P. Robinson Mr. Snuffleupagus!! Gracious and nice, signed a ton, took pics, couldn't ask for more

ImageDSCN0392 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

ImageDSCN0393 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

ImageIMG_4950 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

ImageIMG_4951 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Really, we were done for the night, but Greg was nice enough to locate a spot with yet ANOTHER big want of mine- waited till the event was over, went in and spotted Will Sasso fan of the guy since MADTV missed him in NYC earleir this year, redeemed myself here

ImageDSCN0394 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

grabbed a few other ops at the event as well

Scott Wolf

ImageDSCN0396 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Randall Batinkoff

ImageDSCN0398 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Betsy Beutler

ImageDSCN0401 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Bonus Report! Attended HVFF for only 2 names so lets include that here- con was about 20 min away- first name Donal Logue say it with me, a huge want of mine since Grounded for Life aired. Line was a long just because he was so nice to everyone, even came over to the line to shake our hands and apologize- he had to break for a panel, but made sure the entire line was take care of, small chit chat, and got the op

ImageIMG_4700 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

Next only wanted another, yep, you guessed it, BIG WANT in Rick Gonzalez Spanish from old School- he had no one in line but of course, life stories from the 2 in front of me, got up to him, he was expecting an Arrow question but hit him with Old School and he was thrilled, said he didn't really hang out with the main guys but the other characters and him bonded a lot. Took 2 pics and was on my way

ImageIMG_4702 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

ImageIMG_4703 by Joe Lanza, on Flickr

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Re: #SummerStreetMeets 4 HUGE wants!! Bonus HVFF from JUNE

Post by WOODMO » November 8th, 2019, 8:36 am

Talk about two white whales for you, nice!! Butler and Jake are fantastic gets.

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Re: #SummerStreetMeets 4 HUGE wants!! Bonus HVFF from JUNE

Post by Greg2600 » November 10th, 2019, 7:45 pm

Good times!
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