Hollywood Show - February 8th, 2020 - Order Autographs

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Hollywood Show - February 8th, 2020 - Order Autographs

Post by adramelech » November 5th, 2019, 12:13 am

*NOTE* - I WILL BE GOING ON FEBRUARY 8th, Saturday, 2020, and Obtaining Autographs For Those Around The World Who Can't Make It. . For over 20 years I have attended this show, and helped obtain hundreds of thousands of autographs for others. I took the time to write all the instructions so please read the below.

How Does This Work?
All Updates are on my Facebook Page. That is where you go to stay updated. The celebrities have their own photos but I do allow you to send your own items be it photos, books, albums, posters etc..etc.. If you want a specific type of photo let me know and I will do my best to acquire it. If you want a certain inscription, color of sharpie etc.. let me know.

If sending me items I need your items labeled on the back with your name, and on the front showing me how and where to get it signed using Post It Notes.

I require a $5 donation to sign each 8x10 photo and smaller items. I require a $10 donation to sign each item LARGER than 8x10 and/or nonflat items. I give you an estimate of what the celebrity is charging at their table based on my experience. If the celebrity charges me less I will send you the difference back. If they celebrity charges more you need to send me the difference back before I mail your items to you. If you don't want to pay more you have to tell me and I won't get you the autograph but the donation will not be returned due to I still took the time preparing your items and going to the table. If the celebrity cancels you will receive a full refund including the donation. All orders are final, and no returns/refunds are accepted.

You must also provide a SASE to get your items back to you, or pay me for shipping. I take no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the mail. I suggest using cardboard backing for photos that doesn't move around allowing your photos corners to get bent. You can also choose to pay me $11 which includes USPS Priority Mail inside the USA, plastic toploader, thick cardboard mailer to mail your 8x10s to you. Outside the USA is standard airmail. You can pay for Registered Airmail outside the USA if you want the safest method. The decision is yours.

Celebrities charge from $30 - $80 on the average depending on the celebrity and the item being signed. The celebrities prices at the table are usually MORE than the prices listed at the shows website.. I have to pay to get in, pay for parking, and stand in line, and pay FULL PRICES like any other fan attending the show.

As a collector I make sure to treat your items with
respect, and do my best to get them signed exactly how you want them signed.

(If you have any questions email me at adramelech@charter.net).
I only communicate through EMAIL in order to keep all conversations/orders about multiple shows organized in my Email. If you reply to me in the forum and/or through Private Message I might not see it, and if I do I will remind you that I only communicate through EMAIL.)


To Keep Updated On ALL EVENTS I Go To Visit My Website

For A Complete Updated List See Here

Thank you for your time. Remember, any questions Email Me @ adramelech@charter.net.

Guest List Updated - As of 11 / 04 / 19
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