Steel City - last minute Discovery

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Steel City - last minute Discovery

Post by Cozmik » August 11th, 2019, 8:26 pm

For the 2nd time this year I was ready to skip my local con, Steel City Con, because they had no one I was interested in getting. And for the 2nd time this year, they did a last minute add of a Star Trek actor I hadn't met yet which means I had to go. Jason Isaacs, who played Captain Lorca in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery (and was also in the Harry Potter movies) was added just a day before the con.
Its my understanding Steel City Con has new owners and they are making a few changes for the better. One of the improvements was the addition of online photo op presales, So I scooped up my photo op ticket the day the sales were to end. They have new photographers now and digital copies of pro photos are available immediately instead of being emailed days after. They have also figured out the back room where they once had gaming tournaments, then used it for bigger guests who had longer lines would be a better place for photo ops than stuck in the corner of the autograph room where multiple photo lines would be jammed into a chaotic mess with some stretching out into the vendor area. Their pro photo op process has greatly improved because of these changes.

So showed up Sunday and got my autograph from Isaacs. He was very pleasant with all his fans and we had a quick discussion about Lorca's morality. I went to his entertaining Q&A, to kill time and finally got the photo op with him.
Since I was there, I took the time to get George Takei's autograph. I had met him many years ago and I needed a personalized autograph from him. When I got up to him I started telling him about how I worked at a small college town's local radio station in the 80's and my boss brought him in and introduced me to him when he was in town to do a speech at the college. He said he did a lot of those college speeches and I mentioned they had a Dr. Takei at the college they made a point of introducing him to. He immediately said it was Clarion in western Pennsylvania, knew the professor's first name and talked sometime to me about he later discovered they were possibly distant cousins having grandfathers from the same small Japanese island. I was blown away how he remembered that visit after all these years given so many appearances over the years.

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Re: Steel City - last minute Discovery

Post by ICW » August 12th, 2019, 5:21 pm

Awesome stuff, man, and great story about meeting Takei!
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Re: Steel City - last minute Discovery

Post by Greg2600 » August 12th, 2019, 5:38 pm

Isaacs is one of the best. So PISSED Netflix dumped The OA, the man was amazing on that show.
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