Stalking Walkers in Cleveland

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Stalking Walkers in Cleveland

Post by Cozmik » August 6th, 2019, 7:41 pm

This past weekend was Cleveland's first Walker Stalker Con. When they announced it late last year and put VIP's on sale at a special price I bought a ticket figuring it wasn't a long drive for me and I was optimistic they'd have a good line-up. Well we all know the Fan Fest company that puts on Walker Stalker has had some issues since and between that and the production schedules of TWD and its spinoff about a third of announced guests cancelled. So it ended up being a very small con with few guests (most of the actors had already been killed off on the show) and few vendors. Add to that I had already met many of the guests before so I had short list. One thing about having a VIP ticket at this show is that they had so many sales it felt like most of the lines had more VIPs than GA in them.

VIP's entered at 9:00 Saturday and surprisingly a few actors were there signing then. My first stop was Michael Cudlitz who I had met before but I picked up a Funko pop too have him sign.
I decided then to get in Chandler Riggs line. Since his sign said he was supposed to be signing at 9 followed by a panel at 11:00 and then lunch, leaving just a half hour between his lunch and pro photo ops to sign and I wanted to get him done before his photo op. He wasn't there yet but I figured he would arrive by 10 given his posted schedule. Eventually I decided to come back later and bailed to go get in another line.

So it was over to Cassady McClincy, who plays Lydia the daughter of the Whisperers' leader Alpha. Now she didn't have a huge line at the time but it moved extremely slow because she spoke 4 to 8 minutes with everybody she met. So it was a good experience when I finally made it up to her after about an hour and a half in line. She was very outgoing, giving everybody multiple hugs and was very high energy, a pleasure to meet and talk with. I have never seen a celeb enjoying themselves at their signing booth quite as much as she was. I got an autograph photo and a selfie from her.
Next I decided to head back to Chandler Riggs, grabbing the front of the VIP line since he was due back soon and I could meet him before his photo op.
He was friendly and I enjoyed talking to him for short while. I Had him sign an 8x10 and a Funko Pop. Then I ran over to get in line for his pro photo op.
Coming out of his photo op, I was tempted to leave but decided to get a couple that were further down on my list since a couple others had canceled. I saw Ryan Hurst's line was down to a couple people and having passed on him before this was the time to get him. He seemed really cool and I got the combo from him.
My last stop was Matthew Lintz who played "Henry" (having taken over the role from his younger brother when the show did a time jump). Matt was also fan friendly and I go the combo from him and left.

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Re: Stalking Walkers in Cleveland

Post by yosemitechris » August 7th, 2019, 1:26 am

great photos!

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Re: Stalking Walkers in Cleveland

Post by Greg2600 » August 9th, 2019, 12:08 pm

All are very nice actors who treat fans right.
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