Walking with Elias on the Beach High

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Walking with Elias on the Beach High

Post by adelta13 » August 4th, 2019, 9:41 pm

Saturday July 27th: I started the day by wanting to go for boxer Floyd Mayweather but ended up changing my mind after my buddy told me a Cheech and Chong flight into Baltimore. Pretty much a guarantee and only a 10 minutes from my house. I arrived to the AP before my buddy and started the wait. Finally the flight has landed, and first off the plane is Shelby Chong, the wife of Tommy Chong who played in several Cheech and Chong movies. Finally we see Tommy Chong, and he is nice as can be. He signs and takes a photo with me! My friend starts to get autographs from him, Cheech Marin arrives, and I walk with him. Him and I talking about a role in played in movie called "The Perfect Game". We ended up going to these seats, where he signed. When I asked for the photo, he stood up and took his sunglasses off! I'm not picky but it's a nice gesture. Later on, two local collectors were around. The one orchestrated a group shot of Cheech and Chong so I rode the same train and got one also! Very nice experience with comedy legends!

Sunday July 28th: My buddy asked me if I wanted to go down to a local venue for Beach Boys Legend Al Jardine. I ended up going, luckily Al was doing a free meet and greet after the show. I went through the line, got several things signed and got the photo with him! Very easy and painless!

Saturday August 3: I started this day with a free autograph signing with Orioles Infielder and former 1st round draft pick Richie Martin. We arrived to the mall that it was being held where nothing was set up. We spent a good 25 minutes looking for the set up but nothing could be find. Later on, a lady approached instructed us to go to this location where it would be. Richie showed up 2 minutes early and automatically started to greet the 20 people that were there. I got through the line, got a post card signed (ended up giving it to my friend because I don't really collect autographs). I finally got a photo with him!

Later on in the day, my friend and were attending a WWE Night that Included a meet and greet with Elias! The package included a meet and greet, game ticket and a shirt. I never met Elias so I jumped on the guarantee train! Earlier in the day, my friend and I went to Five Below and found 2 Elias action figures for $5! Talk about luck! We arrived to the stadium around 4:30pm, parked and walked to where we had to go. We checked in and they put us in a line. We were instructed in the email, that this was a photo only event and there will be no autographs permitted. My friend attended the same event the previous year and had no issue getting an autograph. Finally Elias arrives, and starts to greet the fans. I approached him, shook his hand. We get our photo taken. I asked if he could sign his action figure, he said of course!

Later on in the night, I was able to get him to sign his spot in the Wrestlemania program.. I now have him and Batista in the book!

Image Shelby Chong

Image Tommy Chong

Image Cheech Marin

Image Cheech and Chong

Image Al Jardine

Image Richie Martin

Image Elias

Image Elias Auto

Image Elias Auto 2

Image Elias Throwing First Pitch

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Re: Walking with Elias on the Beach High

Post by yosemitechris » August 5th, 2019, 2:56 am

love the al jardine photo !

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Re: Walking with Elias on the Beach High

Post by Greg2600 » August 9th, 2019, 12:08 pm

Cheech and Chong have been great for years, and nice work getting the dual shot! Al Jardine is usually pretty nice, and a lot easier solo than with Brian Wilson's band. Another great one to get though.
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