Spacing Out on Saturday the 13th - The Shore Leave Report

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Spacing Out on Saturday the 13th - The Shore Leave Report

Post by AJLe » July 14th, 2019, 12:34 am

Made it down to Hunt Valley to hit up Shore Leave for the first time, to get Lexa Doig, who was the lead female role in Jason X. Unfortunately, Shore Leave is an unnecessarily complicated and confusing show. To begin with, while literally every other convention I've ever been to simply has you pay your money and get your wristband/badge, this con makes you "register" by filling out your full name, address, telephone and email before buying a badge. So not only are you charging a ridiculous $75 admission, you're holding up the line to get in by having everybody fill out their life stories?

So we get in, and find out that guests "might" do table ops, but only after their scheduled pro op times. Nobody knows anything. Lexa comes to her table and finally we're told that she'll do table ops for $30. I get her on my Crystal Lake Memories book, my Japanese Jason X program, and a Jason X poster, wher she's the 8th signature. I then saw :greg: :joresky: and :perplexed: while I'm waiting for my buddy to finish up the Nichelle Nichols pro photo line (which ultimately turned into a shitshow, with the photo company running out of paper, and the photos taking over and hour to print out).

All in all, I was very happy to get Lexa, but it will take something really big to get me to ever come down to Shore Leave again. Very disorganized and unnecessarily complicated convention.

Jason X Japanese program

Crystal Lake Memories book

Jason X Poster

Me and Lexa Doig

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Re: Spacing Out on Saturday the 13th - The Shore Leave Report

Post by Jason1980s » July 14th, 2019, 9:31 am

Funny you should mention the registration portion as that is somewhat responsible for me not attending one of their events many years ago. It was early in my time as a collector and I saw an ad for a Shore Leave show, I think at my high school library. There really weren't many celebrities I wanted to meet from the flyer but Linda Harrison was one I thought about.
There was a portion on the flyer about "registration" and that, along with the odd name containing "Shore" and "Leave" made me think it was some sort of several day trip I would be obligated to participate in just to get one autograph. Also, I had not heard of Hunt Valley at the time so I also believed there may be some hiking involved and I wasn't interested in any physical activity during my younger years. I know, I was totally wrong on some of that but I feel vindicated in the strange beliefs by you posting about the craziness of the registration portion.
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Re: Spacing Out on Saturday the 13th - The Shore Leave Report

Post by Greg2600 » July 16th, 2019, 10:01 pm

Nice seein' ya as always
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