Tim McGraw in DC + All Star Game Experience in Cleveland

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Tim McGraw in DC + All Star Game Experience in Cleveland

Post by adelta13 » July 11th, 2019, 9:52 am

Back in June, I had a flight on country singer and actor Tim McGraw (The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights, etc) I've met Tim several times before this but I wanted to update my photo with him plus get him on a CD. He arrives and there were several collectors there. We waited and we noticed Faith Hill was with Tim. They come through, Tim signs and took photos! I tried to get a photo with Faith but she unfortunately declined.

Image Tim McGraw

Image Tim Autos

Four years ago, I went to Cincinnati for the 2015 MLB All-Star game and it turned out to be one of the best experiences I've. Four years later, I tried my luck again at the 2019 MLB All-Star game in Cleveland, Ohio. I was hesitated on making the trip because baseball players are difficult to deal with, and I didn't know what I was getting myself into. There were some goals going into this weekend, I wanted to get Jamie Fox (Ended up no showing), Machine Gun Kelly (Never connected with him) and Brandon Flowers of The Killers (Ignored us 2 on 1).

I started the trip on July 5, took a bus to Pittsburgh and met up with my buddy Kevin. While in Pittsburgh, we run into MLB All-Star Josh Hader, who happens to be around my area. He takes a photo with me, but states the team has a no signing policy at the hotel. We then began our trip to Pittsburgh which was two hours away. We arrived at the Cleveland airport for randoms, we had no concrete flights this day. Arrive to the airport and Immediately spot Bernie Williams, who denies. I then spot Colt Ford signing for other autograph collectors. I end up getting a photo with him, and now I am officially on the board in Cleveland! I then end up getting fresh photos with Cecil Fielder, Sandy Alomar Sr at the airport. Juan Marchial denies. We then go to another location for MLB legends. At this spot, I get a photo with 6x All-Star Sam McDowell. I then spot 6x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove Winner Kenny Lofton checking in. After he was done talking to some friends I approach him for a photo and he agreed! I told him I loved him in the George Lopez show, he said laughed and said thanks. Later in the night, we went to a spot for Indians legend Rocky Colavito, who is known to be tough but we tried anyway. We see Luis Tiant and Sam McDowell. Rocky comes out and denies. After this, we go to back to our hotel and got some sleep.

On July 6th, this day started early. We had a 6:30am flight for Giants top prospect Joey Bart and Heliot Ramos. Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob from Clerks was scheduled to fly out around the same time. Joey and Heliot arrive, sign and take photos. I rush to the Kevin Smith location and made it within 5 minutes. I approach him and ask for a photo. He says "Of course you can". I get him to sign couple of things. Throughout the day, I get photos with MLB prospects. For time sakes, I get photos with Deivi Garcia (Yankees #4 Best Prospect), Daulton Varsho (Diamondbacks #4 ), Cristian Pache (Braves #1 , MLBs #14 ), Padres Pitcher Devin Williams, Taylor Trammell (Reds #1 , MLB #27).

I then run into actress Dascha Polanco (Daya in Orange is the New Black), who was very nice. I resume meeting more MLB prospects. I end up getting Dustin May (Dodgers #3/MLB #51), Gavin Lux (Dodgers #2/MLB #31), Jarred Kelenic (Mariners #1, MLB #24), Brady Singer (Royals #1, MLB #45), Ronaldo Hernandez (Rays #7, MLB #80), Jarren Duran (Red Sox #9), DL Hall (Orioles #3, MLB 66), Grayson Rodriguez (Orioles #1, MLB #53), Alex Bohm (Phillies #1, MLB #38), Isan Diaz (Marlins #6), Ben Bowden (Rockies #16), Nolan Gorman (Cardinals #1, MLB #30).

We then run into Phillies long time manager and 2008 World Series Champion Charlie Manuel, I get an updated photo with him. I then get photos Adrian Morejon (Padres #4, MLB #49). I spot former MLB player Nick Punto, who I've failed on the photo so many times. I approach him and he happily takes the photo! I then get photos with Luis Patino (Padres #3, MLB #40), Mackenzie Gore (Padres #1, MLB #3)... After this, I run into AsianDave and we talked for a while. I end up getting a photo with actress Priah Ferguson (Erica in Stranger Things), who was nice. I then get updated photos with former MVP Ryan Howard and MLB Hall of Famer Tim Raines Sr.... I then added 5x Gold Olympic Medalist Simone Biles to the photo with collection! She was nice at first but turned sour!

Later in the night, I get a photo with 8x All-Star, 1964 AL Rookie of the Year Tony Oliva, who is a fresh meet. I then get photos with MLB prospects Carter Kieboom (Nationals #1, MLB #21), Kris Kubic (Royals #8), Daniel Johnson (Indians #22). I went for Brandon Flowers of The Killers. We saw him, had him 2 on 1. He ignored us.

The next day, I get a photo with former MLB player Kevin Millar, softball icon Lauren Chamberlain.

On the last day, someone spotted Boxing Heavyweight Champion and 41-0 Deontay Wilder. He is a super nice guy! Mets Pitcher, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Winner Jacob deGrom came out, and denied everyone. I asked him for a photo, and he said make it quick! After so many years of denial, I finally get it! I then went to A Christmas Story house and there's my trip

Image Josh Hader

Image Colt Ford

Image Cecil Fielder

Image Sandy Alomar Sr

Image Sam McDowell

Image Kenny Lofton

Image Herilot Ramos

Image Joey Bart

Image Kevin Smith

Image Deivi Garcia

Image Daulton Varsho

Image Cristian Pache

Image Devin Williams

Image Taylor Trammel

Image Dascha Polanco

Image Dustin May

Image Gavin Lux

Image Jarred Kelenick

Image Brady Singer

Image Rolando Hernandez

Image Jarred Duran

Image DL Hall

Image Grayson Rodriguez

Image Alec Bohm

Image Isan Diaz

Image Ben Bowden

Image Nolan Gorman

Image Charlie Manuel

Image Adrian Morejon

Image Nick Punto

Image Luis Patino

Image Mackenzie Gore

Image Priah Ferguson

Image Ryan Howard

Image Tim Raines Sr

Image Simone Biles

Image Tony Oliva

Image Carter Kieboom

Image Kris Kubic

Image Daniel Johnson

Image Kevin Millar

Image Lauren Chamberlain

Image Deontay Wilder

Image Jacob deGrom

Image A Christmas Story House

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Re: Tim McGraw in DC + All Star Game Experience in Cleveland

Post by ICW » July 11th, 2019, 2:15 pm

Great meets, particularly if just a couple of those prospects because big time stars! Keeping my fingers crossed for Deivi!
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Re: Tim McGraw in DC + All Star Game Experience in Cleveland

Post by Travis » July 11th, 2019, 3:04 pm

That is very cool. I am always interested in hearing baseball-related reports! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Tim McGraw in DC + All Star Game Experience in Cleveland

Post by Greg2600 » July 12th, 2019, 3:50 pm

Great array of players. My cousin is obsessed with McGraw, can't show her, ha ha ha.
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