My Wrestlemania Weekend

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My Wrestlemania Weekend

Post by adelta13 » April 10th, 2019, 10:26 pm

A while back, my two friends and I decided to make a trip on attending Wrestlemania 35 in New York/New Jersey. It would be all of ours first Wrestlemania it being only 3 hours away the trip was a no-brainer. Hotel was booked, tickets were bought and the rest is history. Going into Mania week I decided that I wanted to take a step back from the typical chaser style. I wanted to take in the moments of Mania, I chose not having to worry about finding flights or standing outside of hotels. I also chose not to attend axxess. With that said, there was several events I did take part of just to burn time.

So here we go...

Friday April 5th:
I had previously bought my two friends and I tickets to the John Cena book event at the Strand bookstore. For $18 + tax you got a pre-signed book of John's book "Elbow Grease" and a photo with him. I've met John twice in the past but for $18 I couldn't resist the deal plus my two friends never met him so it was a win-win. He's a legend and a future hall of famer! We arrive into New York at 10:45am and check into our hotel at 11:15am. We relax for a moment, grab a bite to eat then make our way downtown to the Strand for the book event. We arrive to the store and there's probably 50 people in line around 1pm. We waited in the rain and cold, then finally at 3pm the staff went down the line checking everyone in. The event was scheduled to start at 4pm but it seemed like waiting in line took forever. Finally we got up in the front of the line around 5pm. We got a photo with John, received our book and there it was. John was nice, greeted everyone with a hand shake and a smile. After this, we made our way to Brooklyn for NXT Takeover which was a great show!

After Takeover, my one friend and I went to Carolines Broadway for the Dolph Ziggler & Friends comedy event. I bought the VIP ticket for $90 which included a meet and greet with Dolph after the show. I was hoping considering it being Mania weekend a flock of randoms would appear. Tommy Dreamer, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins all showed up. The event was suppose to start at 12am but due to the show before it, it didn't start until 1am and didn't finish until 2:45am. After the event, I tried to get a photo with Curt Hawkins but he ignored. Didn't bother with Ryder or Truth. I got an updated photo with Dreamer though. Turns out in the photo it would be you, Ziggler and Dreamer. I got up to them and Dreamer said 'Do you want me again or no".. so I just got a photo with Ziggler. I got Ziggler to signed a 11x14 canvas, 2 photo withs, a spirit squad magazine and an action figure. We left and arrived back to our hotel around 3am.

Saturday April 6th:
My friends and I went to the Mets game at Citi Field to get the Todd Frazier WWE bobblehead. Several wrestlers including Drew McIntyre, Mickie James, and Curt Hawkins were in attendance. I needed Drew and Curt out of that group. While at the game, they showed them in an area I knew I could get them at. Upon arrival of this location, they weren't found but then they showed Drew on the video board. I was able to get a walk selfie with Drew! We left around the 4th inning, went to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to the superstore, ran into ICW and talked to him for several moments (Nice meeting you man!). After shopping at the superstore, went back to the hotel, dropped our stuff, grabbed a bite then went to Madison Square Garden for ROH G1 Supercard. Saw several matches but it was uncomfortably hot in the arena and I was just cramped so I took a early exit. I went back and got something to eat, went back to my hotel and watched a movie.

Later in the night, I made a very minute last decision to try a spot for some actor names including Kit Harrington, SNL names and any randoms that would come about. I go to the first spot where they put barricades up and then I met up with Class. We went to another spot to try our luck. Jon Bradley (Game of Thrones) show up, signs and took several photos then went inside. Next up is Kit and his wife Rose Leslie, Kit signed 3-4 autographs ignored any photo requests. Rose blanked also. Next up is actor Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, We're the Millers, Hall Pass, Saturday Night Live, etc) and long time fiancée actress Olivia Wilde (House, The Change Up, The OC). Olivia walks through and wouldn't stop. Jason stays behind, signs and takes photo. I was able to get a first time photo with him! SNL Funny woman Kate McKinnon comes through and I was able to get a photo with her. Actor Zachary Levi arrives and won't stop. My bad luck with him continues. I then got a photo with actor Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones). Finally I was able to get photos with the Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. I then got SNL cast members Chris Redd and Beck Bennett. Kit and Rose leave and blank. Pete Davidson exits and denies to those who asked. Zachary Levi comes out stating he will only sign autographs and won't be taking any photos on the count he's drunk. Zachary Levi has officially become my white whale. I was able to convince Olivia Wilde to stop but she looked in the photo. Oh well! Welp there's my Wrestlemania chasing stories

The following day, I went to Wrestlemania, had a really good time at my first Wrestlemania!

Image John Cena

Image Tommy Dreamer

Image Dolph Ziggler

Image Drew McIntyre

Image Jason Sudeikis

Image Kate McKinnon

Image Jacob Anderson

Image David Benioff

Image D.B. Weiss

Image Chris Redd

Image Beck Bennett

Image Olivia Wilde Failed

Image Mania View

Image Friends and I @ Mania

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Re: My Wrestlemania Weekend

Post by yosemitechris » April 11th, 2019, 1:09 am

very nice, great report!

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Re: My Wrestlemania Weekend

Post by ICW » April 12th, 2019, 11:43 am

Awesome stuff and great meeting you too!
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Re: My Wrestlemania Weekend

Post by Greg2600 » April 16th, 2019, 2:52 pm

Good pics, and hope you enjoyed our local, taxpayer funded (gahhhhh) sporting facilities!
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