JOresky's NYCC 2018 Report Day 1

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JOresky's NYCC 2018 Report Day 1

Post by Joresky » October 12th, 2018, 3:03 pm

Day one of New York Comic Con was only partially spent at New York Comic Con itself. I went to NYCC first and got a photo with actor Donald Faison (TVs Scrubs). I then went to another spot to try for a photo with Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey. There were only four of us waiting when Perry arrived and it was nice weather and unfortunately he only took one selfie with a girl and told the rest of us he would be out soon. He left the venue hours later and the crowd had grown to about 40 people (mostly dealers) and it was raining so unfortunately he blanked on the way out. :facepalm2: At this spot I did get an updated photo with Katie Couric at least. As soon as I was finished trying for Perry I raced back to New York Comic Con to get my pro op with WWE wrestler Finn Balor. I made it just in time as I was one of the last people in line to get my photo. After this I thought about going for John C McGinley (TVs Scrubs, Stan Against Evil) but instead I decided to try a spot for a bigger want, actor Riz Ahmed (Rogue One, Venom).

I had failed at getting Riz in the past but a friend of mine told me he had luck getting him on the way in so I decided to try him on the way out. Asian Dave joined me at this spot since he is also a big Star Wars fan. There were only about six or seven of us waiting when Riz came out and he took care of all of us. After this we went around to the front of the venue and scored photos with talk show host Trevor Noah (who I have also failed on in the past). Since there were only two of us he was nice as can be and took care of us no problem. At this point we went to another spot that I had tried the night before for actor Paddy Considine. At this spot I scored photos with Paddy Considine, Laura Donnelly (Outlander), Joan Allen and Lucas Hedges. After this I hurried to another spot to try actor Sam Elliott and only 5 minutes after I arrived at this spot I scored a great photo with Sam. Sam even asked my name and shook my hand, a true gentleman. I had heard Sam was getting fed up with autograph dealers but he was probably cool to me because I brought nothing to get signed and just wanted a photo. After this I went to one more spot where I was hoping to see randoms but I didn't see any so I went back to my air bnb and got some rest. Overall, even though it wasn't a clean sweep I got some great photos so it was still a good day.
Me and actor Sam Elliott
Me and actor Riz Ahmed
Me and talk show host Trevor Noah
Me and WWE wrestler Finn Balor
Me and actor Donald Faison
Me and actor Paddy Considine
Me and actress Laura Donnelly
Me and actor Lucas Hedges
Me and actress Joan Allen
Me and Katie Couric

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Re: JOresky's NYCC 2018 Report Day 1

Post by djknightrida » October 12th, 2018, 3:08 pm

Easy read. Love the Elliot shot. Great actor. Great stuff.
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Re: JOresky's NYCC 2018 Report Day 1

Post by ICW » October 13th, 2018, 8:08 pm

Great pics, the Elliot pic is particularly awesome. I’m glad he was nice.
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