A month of Jedi, Mutants, Clowns, Wizards, Queens, and more!

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A month of Jedi, Mutants, Clowns, Wizards, Queens, and more!

Post by Raza01 » May 11th, 2018, 10:52 am

Haven't put up a report in a forever, figured I would. Also havent gotten chance to upload photos yet, when I do, Ill update the post. Have been out more than usual, so will put stuff in together for past month.

There was some events in NYC taking place and I needed some of the names listed. Martin Freeman, Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen, and Antonio Bandares. I get to the first spot and there are about 10 ppl waiting. I spend my time chatting with some of them waiting for Antonio. He came an hour before he was supposed to be on. I believe I was the only one who got the photo on the way in but he signed for everyone. About half hour, a friend on mine comes who needs something signed by Martin Freeman, a ton of graphers show up as well, like around 30+ ppl at this time. Martin arrives and walks directly over to him to sign but someone on the security began pushing him in. Much respect to Martin, we see him inside the building and he seems to be upset and scolding the woman, he walks back out and takes care of everyone before heading in. Antonio stopped on the way out, Martin didnt. We head over to the second spot, but after waiting find out both Tatiana and Tom werent able to make it.... but we spot Kevin Bacon, who stops for the 4 of us waiting. Headed out to dinner afterwards with a friend.

Anyone that know me, knows Im a big Star Wars fan, particularly the prequels as Episode I was my first in theaters. Because I had gotten Liam Neeson earlier this year, Ewan McGregor had become #1, and with him attending the event, I had to go. I get to the spot a few hours earlier, as there were other ppl I wanted and hang out with friends. My main want in this event is Corey Stall from Ant-Man and House of Cards, and Golden Globe winner Saoirse Ronan. First one in is Mare Winningham, who comes over and stops for ppl. Followed by Corey who walks over to my friend and signs and does photos with ppl waiting. Saoirse showed up extremely late, but stopped with several ppl waiting for her. I leave to kill time and head back. Now there are like 30+ ppl when Ewan McGregor arrives. He signs everything but wouldnt do a single photo.... I arrive home and a friend informs me of a potential shot at Ewan the next day.

Day 3
Since Ewan has become #1 and my last remaining Jedi from the prequels, I go out again. I arrive at the spot alone, no graphers, fans, or paps. After waiting for about 2 hours, two girls arrive and within 15 minutes of them arriving, Chloe Moretz exits. I'm the closest so I ask for a photo and she happily agrees for the three of us. The girls leave after getting her and I'm flying solo once again. 1/2 hour goes by and a car pulls up, and a couple comes out (who I believed to be random old folk). I look toward the main door and Ewan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead come walking out to speak with both of them, I believe she was the director of Mary's film. I wait quietly until Ewan stops talking and they start walking. I ask and he walks over while the others begin walking toward their car. My camera freezes for like 10 seconds, I remember literally saying "fuck, im sorry, whats going on". Luckily for me Ewan stands waiting until the camera fixes and I get a photo with him. I thanked him for waiting and taking the pic, and he says "Cheers" and walks away. I call my friend to thank him and tell him that I can literally get no one the rest of the year and 2018 was a great year in the hobby. Completed my photos with Qui Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker.

I headed out with the friend to get a side character from a Marvel movie. I arrived early on and while waiting, a car pulled up with familiar plates. I knew it would be someone, so I got my phone in selfie mode. Halle Berry comes out. I ask her for a photo and she agrees. We waited for a while but no sign of the person I originally went for. I can't complain as I loved Halle Berry in X-Men and she's a bigger want than the one I went for.

Day 5
Headed out for a want from X-Men and Frontier (starring Jason Momoa), Evan Jonigkeit. Me and a friend were able to get him and a few others from the cast.

Day 6
Heard an event Sarah Silverman was attending. I normally dont go for autographs, but because I had a Vanellope Funko Pop! at home figured Id get it signed before Wreck-It-Ralph 2 comes out. Met up with several friends and acquaintances and got it. Kyle Chandler and Bill Skarsgard show up and i get both of them as well.

Day 7
Heard Gary Oldman, one of my wants for since Harry Potter, Dark Knight...etc was attending an event in the city. I finally decided to go out and try my luck. Arrived at the spot and saw a friend who I see one week a year. We started catching up while waiting, she needed someone else. While walking around, we spot Gary and ask...Super friendly. We waited at the spot for her name and we spot Emilia Clarke. Both of us walk up to her and ask for a photo and although reluctant, she agrees.

*Went out another day, but that was a failed attempt. Saw several ppl including MarkedOut's Steve.

All in all, a great month. Got 3 wants, one was #1
A Jedi, a Wizard, a Mutant, a Clown, and a Queen.

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Re: A month of Jedi, Mutants, Clowns, Wizards, Queens, and more!

Post by WOODMO » May 11th, 2018, 11:24 am

A helluva of an assortment of names. Great job man

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