Random Music Gets, First NYC Trip of 2018

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Random Music Gets, First NYC Trip of 2018

Post by adelta13 » May 9th, 2018, 12:20 am

On May 1st, I went down to a local venue for Singer Billy Squier (The Stroke, Everybody Wants You, etc) where I was able to get a photo with him after the show!

On Friday May 4th, I made an spontaneous decision to head up to New York City for Country singers Brett Eldredge/Devin Dawson and One of my Favorite TV characters Jim Parsons (Sheldon in Big Bang Theory). Meanwhile, I went downtown to meet one of my favorite country singers Michael Ray. I arrived to the spot, where I waited awhile before security at the venue got into it with me about where I was standing. They said they would call the police if I didn't move. I told them I wasn't do anything wrong, I was in my right to stand where I was standing. A little while, Michael shows up and takes a quick photo with me!

On Saturday May 5th, I left my house around 5:30am and arrived to the bus station by 6:00am. I arrived into New York around 10am, and I head off to a spot that involved Jim Parsons but nothing was going on so I went another spot for randoms but I didn’t spot anyone. I then went back to the Jim Parsons spot, where Jim swiftly arrives into the building without for me to have the opportunity to ask. 

After that, I head downtown to a spot involving Country singers Brett Eldredge and Devin Dawson. I arrived to the spot and within 10 minutes, Devin comes off his bus, I approach him for a photo and he happily agrees to it. 10 minutes later, Brett comes off his bus and I ask him for a photo. Yes but just make it quick!!! 

I head to another spot for randoms where I see Kendall Jenner arrive but she blanks but that’s fine I already had her. A little while, Model Hailey Baldwin arrives and does nothing. Little later, Kendall and Hailey comes out together with Kendall’s bodyguard. Kendall takes a photo with a kid and a woman, and I get a photo with Hailey! I tried to get a photo with Kendall but I was shut down by her bodyguard. Oh well, Not like I don’t have it. 

I take an lyft uptown to another spot for randoms.  There was a handful people of waiting at this particular spot. We see Nick Robinson (Love Simon) but he does nothing. See Janelle Monae and she does nothing. We see Emilia Clarke (Game of Thornes) and she blanks! Jonah Hill arrives and I ask him for a photo, and he just stares at me. Meanwhile, Class arrives at this spot. Jonah comes back out, and he denies photos. I walked around the block with him, asking him again but he's adamant on not doing it. Not getting him stinged because I really wanted a photo with him. Actress Riley Keough (Magic Mike, Logan Lucky, Elvis Presley's Granddaughter) comes out and accommodates everyone! Actress Ruth Negga (Loving, Agents of Shield, Iona, etc) shows up and takes photos with everyone. Lily Collins exits, and only takes photos with 3 girls then gets into the car. Salma Hayek (Grown Ups, Wild Wild West, Here Comes the Boom) leaves and wouldn't do anything. Class and I followed on foot to a traffic light where we were able to get a car shot! We see Emilia Clarke again, where she quickly denies and enters the spot.

Next up is the spot for Jim Parsons again, first up is Actor Andrew Rannells (Why Him, Book of Mormon, The Intern) who was very nice. Next up is Actor Michael Benjamin Washington (30 Rock, Glee), he comes out and takes care of everyone. Jim Parsons comes out next, where I was able to get him to agree to a photo but he looked away. I went down in line, where he took another photo but he closed his eyes. Next up is Actor Charlie Carver (Desperate Housewives, Underdogs, Teen Wolf), who was very nice. Zachary Quinto comes out, but quickly it's announced he won't be take any selfies. I had him agree to a selfie but he quickly looked away. I was then able to get a photo with Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives, One Life to Live) Next ups is Matt Bomer (White Collar, Glee, American Horror Story, Magic Mike). I was able to get a quick photo with him. I was excited to get him because I liked his role in White Collar!

I was able to get Actor James McArdle (Stars Wars: The Force Awakens, Page Eight), at this spot it was announced Andrew Garfield won't be any photos. I then went to another spot for Denzel Washington but he quickly exits, and jumps into an waiting car. After this, I went to the bus station where I killed time before my bus was suppose to depart at 1am, I arrived back at home around 4am where I had work that morning at 9:00am. Talk about pain!

Image Billy Squier

Image Michael Ray

Image Devin Dawson 1

Image Devin Dawson 2

Image Brett Eldredge

Image Hailey Baldwin

Image Riley Keough

Image Ruth Negga

Image Salma Hayek

Image Andrew Rannells

Image Michael Benjamin Washington

Image Jim Parsons 1

Image Jim Parson 2

Image Charlie Carver

Image Zachary Quinto

Image Tuc Watkins

Image Matt Bomer

ImageJames McArdle

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Re: Random Music Gets, First NYC Trip of 2018

Post by crowbar » May 9th, 2018, 8:35 am

That is not Andrew Rannels

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Re: Random Music Gets, First NYC Trip of 2018

Post by Greg2600 » May 9th, 2018, 10:01 pm

You got some great ones beyond the country singers you came for. Not a bad one-day trip.
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