Met a Detective in Centerfield

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Met a Detective in Centerfield

Post by lanza218 » August 28th, 2017, 9:22 pm

Busy few months in the Lanza residence, so finally have some down time and catch up on reports. First up on this night was the Wesley Snipes book signing, big big want of mine, and pics were a guarantee. Met up with my tag team partner Greg. No Interest in the book but got the pic, Snipes joked with my photographer that the hand was shaking and to do a redo, and as I said, if Snipes tells you to do a redo, you do a redo. Both came out great

Willie Mays Hayes

ImageDSCN3536 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN3537 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Image20170806_121202 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Next up was Scott Patterson who I love in the SAW series. Thankfully we skipped his concert and just attended the meet and greet. He asked my name and if I also came from NJ, but he really could care less. Personalized the photo and then asked if we saw his concert, i said no...and then we took an awkward op hahaha.

Agent Strahm

ImageDSCN3538 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_1864 by Lanza218, on Flickr

WE met up with many board members throughout the night. Finally hit the last stop where I missed out on 2 want but walked away with Anatol Yusef another want, so late night, but productive overall!

Meyer Lansky

ImageIMG_0076 by Lanza218, on Flickr

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