Cleveland Cubs World Series!!!!

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Re: Cleveland Cubs World Series!!!!

Post by AsianDave » November 4th, 2016, 8:37 am

well, i couldn't even enjoy Game 7 as (4) clowns kept inundating my phone with stupid txt mssgs about jpegs and the sort! VERY inconsiderate of these individuals!
Anywho, like i said before, glad the trophy stays in the NL, and NL Central to boot!
funny story i heard was that Jason Kipnis of the Indians offered up tickets to the infamous Steve Bartman (the goat) to Game 7, but Steve turned it down. He claimed to not want to be a distraction to the Cubs players. uh yeah, whatever. And i'm thinking that Kipnis was hoping Bartman wud bring the curse with him to the game and Cubbies wud end up losing. Guess that didn't work out either. LOL

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