Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

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Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

Post by class316 » September 15th, 2018, 6:10 pm

So with MM around and Jeff Daniels (someone who I've failed on multiple times photo op wise) doing guaranteed photo ops at his NYC show, I decided to go to NYC and conclude it with Monstermania.

I arrive the evening before mainly to get actress Michelle Yeoh from the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. I go to the event and wait. While waiting I find out a few people got Mark Wahlberg at a crowded spot. A bit of a punch though no guarantee I'd have succeeded. Entries start and I get Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh via crowd fighting while Constance Wu and Henry Golding blank. Ken Jeong does combos but since I have a couple of shots I had no interest in fighting the crowd.

While waiting for exits I get another PUNCH. At another spot Ben Kingsley did photo ops. Never thought he'd stop but he did. Though not all got it. Since exits are not expected I go a couple of blocks away to an "easy" spot for Tatiana Maslany. She blanks saying she is with family. Really? Wow just wow.

Exits at the first spot happen and I get Michelle Yeoh autograph and Constance Wu photo op (who I hear is normally tough). Henry Golding is a no go.

Since I had nothing else going on I ended the evening with a spot for Nicki Minaj but she blanked.


Michelle Yeoh

Constance Wu

This day would start with another blunder. I had a WWE flight for Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega. Never got Andrade and I figured the dual shot would be cool. Since this was my only concrete info for the day (besides my Jeff Daniels meet and greet later that evening) I figured I would go. While there I sadly learn that Steve Perry of Journey was at a spot and didn't think I'd make it back by the time he left. Wow just wow. To boot, all I got here as far as fresh shots go with an Andrade shades shot (Zelina didn't come till later). I also got a photo op with Kofi Kingston which is my first solo shot with him in about 10 years. I showed Big E the awkward photo op list to which he goes "oh we made a list, I like that, I like that".

With that I went to the WWE hotel, and went inside to chill. Saw Big Show eating in the restaurant/bar but I had no need to bother him. So others walking around but again no one I needed. Decided to bail on the spot, went outside and saw someone taking ops. Turns out he's a basketball player.

Before Jeff Daniels I decided to try for Tatiana Maslany again. This time I get a combo. And finally the Jeff Daniels meet and greet. He signed my items and was nervous as his son was fumbling with my camera but I got the shot.

Ended with evening with another attempt at Nicki Minaj since I had nothing else. She blanks on entries and decided not to waste time for exists.

Tatiana Maslany

Jeff Daniels

Full list of photo ops: ... f5b6_o.jpg

With my streak of bad luck I decided to try for an upgrade at a spot where I scored my original photo op. Namely Domhnall Gleeson. My shot is a little blurry and he has a beard. While waiting I score an update with Regina Hall (after letting other graphers get her first), fail on an update with AnnaSophia Robb, and get a photo op with male to female trans singer Kim Petras. A Master spots Graham Nash as a random and I get another shot with him. Sadly Gleeson blanks both in and out so even that is a fail! At least I do have a valid shot with him.

Next up go to a spot in the hopes of getting Matt Groening. As he enters he blanks. I exit out another door and literally see both J Lo and A Rod exit out of a van. Sadly couldn't get them. I inform Vanessa and friend about this. We try another spot but I only get Harvey Fierstein. Then back to the previous spot to try for Matt and J Lo. I stand by the Matt Groening exit and Vanessa stands outside a very crowded J Lo exit. As I'm waiting by the Matt door, Matt exits out of the crowded J Lo exit and Vanessa scores the shot I wanted so bad and would have redeemed by bad days. J Lo exits not long after and it's a mad house.

As the motto goes, when all else fails, go to the "easy" spots which is what I did. Went for 85 year old Renee Taylor from The Nanny. Waited for her to come out and she is nice as can be. Despite barely being able to even walk she took her time to sign and do photo ops. Wow I guess they don't make them like her anymore.

I join Greg at a spot for Ben Kingsley but never see him. Only see Oscar Isaac (who I have) and he blanks. Go with Greg to a spot with some Beatles related names but the place was evacuated and had fire trucks. Join Vanessa and friend at another spot where I hope to upgrade my Bryan Adams shot but he blanks photo op wise and only signs. I get other names including John Gotti Jr and actress Merle Dandridge.

Renee Taylor

Full list of photo ops: ... 4a75_o.jpg

Autographs obtained

With that I decided to bail on NYC, set my GPS to avoid all tolls, and go en route for Monstermania. While I had a lot of punches, I at least got Jeff Daniels plus other meets. So I didn't leave empty handed. Couldn't finish my drive to Cherry Hill so I parked at a Taco Bell along the way and took a nap.
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Re: Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

Post by lanza218 » September 15th, 2018, 7:33 pm

Nice pics of Tatiana and Jeff

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Re: Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

Post by capman » September 16th, 2018, 11:01 am

Fantastic report with clear pics and nothing to click. Good work!b

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Re: Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

Post by WOODMO » September 16th, 2018, 9:14 pm

capman wrote:
September 16th, 2018, 11:01 am
Fantastic report with clear pics and nothing to click. Good work!b

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