James Cameron talks about validity

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James Cameron talks about validity

Post by class316 » November 25th, 2017, 1:54 pm

Here is James Cameron talking about a valid alteration to Terminator 2
As practically perfect as T2 is, there was one continuity goof that bugged Cameron so much for the last 17 years that he couldn't resist the urge to go back and tinker.

"Just one," he laughs. "But I had to fix it. When the tow truck crashes into the canal, the windshields pop out, but they're clearly back in right after that. They're even a part of the story – the T-1000 knocks one out with his hand to see better.

"So we digitally fixed it. But y'know, if I could have digitally fixed it at the time, I would have. So I consider that to be valid."
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