ICW attends a Pinstripe Parade

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ICW attends a Pinstripe Parade

Post by ICW » January 29th, 2018, 8:34 pm

This would be my third M.A.B. Celebrity Yankees-themed show. They're usually fairly stress free for me because I've mostly stayed away from 'graphs and stuck to photo ops and this show was going to be no different. I attended this show with my parents.

Day 1:

I arrived just after 10:30 AM and saw an incredibly long line to purchase autograph and photo op tickets. Luckily, I am #TeamPre-Order and marched right up to the Will Call table and picked up my tickets for the weekend; however, I did want to buy a Ronald Torreyes photo op and my mom was nice enough to wait in line for me while my dad struggled to find a parking spot.

11:00 AM came and my first photo op of the weekend was with Chasen Shreve, a lefty reliever for the Yanks for the past several years. He was very nice and his line was pretty short because he's far from a star and his future on the Yanks is a bit uncertain.

Following Shreve was his fellow 'pen-mate Tommy Kahnle, who the Yanks re-acquired just before last year's trade deadline. Kahnle is a big time WWE fan who came out to Bobby Roode's "Glorious" during the American League Wildcard game and Shinsuke Nakamura's theme before that one. He was really nice and I'm excited that he's signed with the Yanks until '21.

Prospect Domingo German was up next. He's considered the Yanks 19th best prospect on MLB.com and he has the potential to be a really effective reliever with a slight chance of developing into a starter. He was only $18, so I decided to go for it and he, too, was nice.

The clock strikes 12:00 PM and the calmness of this convention was replaced with pure anarchy. :killme:

Here's who was scheduled to appear at 12:00 PM: Alex Rodriguez, manager Aaron Boone, top prospect Gleyber Torres, newly inducted Hall of Famer Chipper Jones, and entertainment icons Henry Winkler, Richard Dreyfus, and Linda Blair. Yeah...

The hallway leading to the Photo Op section became an absolutely nightmare and was a center for utter confusion. People who had Chipper autographs were waiting on his Photo Op line, other people started to sprint from the Photo Op line to the autograph line – including an incident where a man almost steamrolled a stroller with a baby in it and almost got his ass beat because of it. The emcee, who butchers everyone's name and constantly confused Gleyber Torres with Ronald Torreyes (until our own Lanza or WOODMO corrected him), lost total control.

I believe the Chipper photo ops happened first followed by Winkler, who attracted about a million people, and then A-Rod.

A-Rod was a total pleasure to meet! My dad is a pretty shy guy but even he wanted a picture with him, possibly his all-time favorite player. And then...my heart sank a bit. I saw the photographer look at the picture on his camera and I saw a slight hesitation. My mom jokingly asked if her eyes were open for the picture and the photographer said all was good...

A while later, we receive the picture and I'm stunned: A-Rod is chewing a huge wad of gum! Other than that, the picture was fine but I was not happy....

Gleyber Torres, who sadly signed first, was next and he was great.

I decided to ask for an A-Rod re-shoot and, as it turns out, there was another girl who had a real blurry shot and wanted a re-shoot as well. The photographer approached Molly's assistant, who said she thought the photos were fine, which didn't go over well with us. She then brought out Molly, who agreed that we should get another pic but that there was not shot they'd bring A-Rod back out to the photo op area and cause another scene. She did bring us to the back room where A-Rod was signing and we took an "over the table" photo, which is whatever. Jenna was able to edit the wad of gum out and I think it looks great (now). Still, a hassle to edit that out.

Then we had to wait for Jordan Montgomery to finish signing before his photo op, which took forever. Thankfully, Montgomery was nice and worth the wait.

That was it for Day 1


Day 2 was supposed to be a breeze. I got there just after 11:30 AM and bought a photo op ticket for Don Larsen, the only pitcher to throw a Perfect Game in the World Series.

Hideki Matsui and Carlos Beltran were the two big attractions on Day 2 and they were scheduled to start at 12...however, they both signed first vs. doing the photo ops!

I saw Larsen come through and figured they'd do the photo ops first but, sadly, he signed first as well! Rats!

Larsen took such a long time signing (more than understandable) that Carlos Beltran came out for photo ops. My family is Puerto Rican – father was even born there – so meeting Beltran was a huge deal. Beltran couldn't have been nicer and my mom definitely marked out hard hahaha.

A while after, Hideki Matsui arrived for his photo op. Matsui is one of my favorite Yankees of all-time and it was a true honor to meet him.

Finally, Don Larsen did his photo ops. He was very nice and seemed to be in great spirits. I knew I would regret not getting a photo op with him and I'm glad I bit the bullet and did it. I didn't include the photo op because I haven't asked my mom if it was okay to post it (she's picky, what can I say).


That was my experience at Pinstripe Parade. I saw Lanza, Greg, and got to meet Oldschool. I believe I saw Flarrow17 but we didn't formally meet.

Misc. Stories:

There was an argument between the employee in charge of the photo op line and a customer. It was the customer's fault 100000%. Basically, the customer asked how to get to the Tim Raines autograph line and the employee gave him instructions, which the customer chose to ignore and instead walked through an area he wasn't supposed to. The employee called for security. A few moments later, the guy comes back and gets right in the face of the employee, who took obvious exception to that and they had to be seperated. The guy ends up bringing out Molly, who asked the employee to apologize but, thankfully, the employee refused to do so. Good for him. He did apologize for cursing, which I understood.

Tons of rumblings about how disorganized this show was. The JSA table was located in the hallway leading to the Photo Op area and one of the employees constantly complained that he made little business because of the mayhem. Another vendor complained that people were crowding his table and the emcee failed to keep them back.

Coolest thing I saw: someone had a signed mannequin head of Linda Blair from the Exorcist
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Re: ICW attends a Pinstripe Parade

Post by WOODMO » January 30th, 2018, 8:38 am

Excellent stuff and great seeing you as well

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Re: ICW attends a Pinstripe Parade

Post by Greg2600 » January 30th, 2018, 8:58 am

Good gets in that madness. Matsui photo is excellent.
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