Monkees Dolls Set - Signed by all three

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Monkees Dolls Set - Signed by all three

Post by capman » January 27th, 2016, 2:08 pm

I am posting this for my good friend whom I work with Monkees events so please pass along to anyone who might be interested -

There are limited Monkees Dolls that are coming out that she is selling online and at chiller with special prices to buy signed. The difference here is she just got Nez to approve to sign them only through her.
Personally, ( and I have told her) they look ok and prices are a bit high, but I can tell u, the Monkees nuts are buying them. I'm not getting any , but the red shirts would be the only ones I would get.

Here is the info :

"Figures Toy Company announced March 27 on their website and social media they will release a set of Monkees action figures this fall. The company said the figures, one each for all four of the Monkees, will be available in three different costumes.
The action figures will be dressed with red shirt outfits, black tuxedos and their Monkee Men superhero attire. It said all three series will be available in the eight-inch figure versions, while the red shirt series will be the only one in both eight-inch and the 12-inch series. Figures Toy Company, which was started in 1989, began selling at collectible toy shows throughout New England and expanded to collectible wrestling merchandise, classic TV figures and last year announced it had acquired licenses for DC Comics, the Dukes of Hazzard, Evel Knieval and others."

Site :

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