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After a successful WrestleMania XXX trip me & Matt were head back to NJ for an early morning hippo last Tuesday. We got to the hippo around 6am and checked our bags. We had a little time to kill and decided to roam around the hippo and low & behold we see the Ultimate Warrior. He was just hanging out waiting for his daughter to come out of Dunkin Donuts. We asked him nicely if he would sign some autographs for us and he said no problem. Matt got him WMXXX Program & I got an Official WWE Photo signed. We then asked if he would take a photo with us and he said of course. He even asked if our photo came out ok. I thanked him for all the memories & wow great it was to see him again in a WWE ring. His daughters came and off to his gate he went, & off to ours we went. He was so happy around his daughters and so full of life. Sad to say hours later, I get a call from a friend saying the Ultimate Warrior has passed away. I was in shock because I only met him earlier that morning. Thank you for everything Warrior! RIP
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I've gotten a lot of great wrestling photo-ops over the years, but I am extremely proud of these.
There is nothing like seeing Triple H and Stephanie getting out of their Cadillac Escalade at the same time Vince gets out of his brand new Bentley. Being "one on one" with those three at the same time is just ridiculous. While I attempted to arrange the triple photo op at first, Vince was at that moment "taking care of business" as Triple H put it, and I got the couple op with Hunter and Stephanie. When my friend went to get one, Stephanie shouted "dad, come get in this picture with us". I joined in the classic photo-op and the rest is history. Linda Mcmahon was very cool to be around and very gracious as well. I had all four of them sign my encyclopedia. Amazing experience that can't be duplicated!
Yesterday Lanza & I headed into NYC to hit some nice under the radar stuff. It is always nice to be the only fan at a spot, and we were the only fans there for both of the meets we had during the course of the day.

We started the day out at our first spot. Upon walking up, we saw Billy Bob Thornton star of such films as Bad Santa, Monster's Ball, Bad News Bears, Armageddon, Sling Blade, etc, outside chatting with a woman. Since we aren't rookies foolish enough to interrupt, waited a few mins until the convo was over. As we were approaching Billy Bob, a man he was with said to him "I think these guys want photos". We said hello, and Billy Bob couldn't have been any nicer. I loved Bad Santa, and enjoyed quite a few other films he's done, so this was a good star to the day.

After this we had a leisurely walk around town, checking out a few other spots we knew of. Nothing jumped out at us, so we went and grabbed a nice relaxed lunch. After lunch, we moved on to a new spot. This time, much like the last time, we were the only fans there. After a short time, we see Josh Duhamel exit the spot. A main character in the Transformers films, the lead in Safe Haven, and he was also the star in the TV Show Las Vegas and is married to Fergie. Josh was more than happy to pose for photos before entering his vehicle.

After that, Joresky arrived on the scene. We had intel on a few more names, so we decided to hang out with Jeremiah for a while and see if anything materialized. After some time spent bsing with Jorsky and enjoying the nice weather, we called it a day.

Nice relaxing day in NYC, two solid meets, one I am a big fan of. All in all it was a fun day.
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This afternoon I attended the Shaq signing at Steiner Sports. It was a well run signing as usual by Steiner, so not much to report. Elgin Baylor was also appearing with Shaq. He started 30 min before Shaq. Originally Shaq was supposed to start signing at 12pm. He was held up by ESPN and Modells they said and did not start signing until 12:45. I arrived at 10am for the signing and was 2nd on line so I immediately was led up to Shaq.

He was really cool. Asked where I wanted him to sign. When I handed him my blue paint pen, he asked if I was sure I wanted him to sign in blue. It might not come out on the black background. I told him it was a paint pen and it will come out brighter. After he signed he said "Oh cool". I had him sign my old 1995 Magic poster. I had it dry mounted to make it easier to get signed. He gladly took a photo and I was done. Quick well run signing except for ESPN & Modells holding him up
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So yesterday was the Hollywood Show down in LA. Headed down with Jared, his mom, & my roomate. With the sole purpose of getting Terri Runnels, Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb), The Rock n Roll Express. Also appearing were Samu from the Headshrinkers & Gerald Brisco both of which I have got b4. Unfortunately I was going to have to pass, as my disability check still hadn't arrived by Friday. But Jared, said I could jump in his photos if I wanted. So I went.

We arrived shortly after they opened the doors. & immediately got The Rock n Roll Express, & Gerald Brisco out of the way. Terri arrived shortly there after, & started chatting with us. Jared mentioned how it was cool to see her & Ricky Morton there together, & got to talking about the The York Foundation. So she called Ricky & Robert over for a York Foundation photo. Their handlers said it would be an additional $20 to add them to the op, & Jared said he didn't have it (as his mom was limiting how much he had to spend) and Terri said no problem, I will pay for it. 

So now we had about an hour and half to kill til Clark arrived. & started walking around. 1st thing I see is a sign for 1 of my fav shows growing up to watch on Nick At Night in Reruns, The Patty Duke Show, Patty Duke. She was only charging $10 for ops, & my roommate found some money in the hippo when we arrived, so I borrowed the money from him, & got an op. Huge score. A true legend. She was really nice. So kept wandering around. & saw Tami Erin (Pippy Longstocking), say looking good. Even if I had it, wouldn't have paid $60 for a signed copy of her new sex tape. LOL! Also present was Karen Dotrice (she was the young girl on the original Mary Poppins movie in 1964), & a star of another of my favorite shows, "Walker, Texas Ranger," Sheree J, Wilson. Chatted with all of them for a few minutes, all were very nice. 

Next came upon Wings Houser. The name meant nothing, but damn his face looked so familiar. So got to chatting with him, & it hit me he had appeared on my all time favorite shows, "Third Watch." He is bit actor, no major roles that I can find. But he was on my fav show ever. After chatting with him about TW for a bit, he asked if I wanted a photo. He wanted $20. I said I didn't have it. He said make me an offer. Well I literally had $5 to my name, and he said no problem lets do it. I figured it would just be an over the table shot. But no, he went all the way down the row, and came around the tables over to me for the pic. Never expected that seeing I was almost getting it free. My 1st get ever from my all time favorite show. Even if just a bit part on 1 episodes. still 1 of the best episodes of the show the final season. 

Bryan Clark finally arrived right at 12pm as they said he would, & I never expected him to be so big. I guess standing next to Brian Adams, anyone would appear small. LOL! He is a big dude. Was really cool. 

Total in and out in about 3 hours. Really hope to attend again. They always have so great names there. I know they were saying there would be 109 stars there this weekend, & heard they had a lot of no shows. I would estimate there was around 80 present.
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Headed into NYC for a couple of days. 2 days that were like hot and cold, white and black, Jesus and Class. Complete opposites. 

Day 1: My first want for the day was Anne Hathaway. I knew of 2 locations where I would have a decent chance to add her to my Les Miserables item. The first spot also had Rob Lowe. Rob refused to do anything. Anne did nothing as she entered the location. As she left she started heading over towards the crowd. Either she determined the crowd was too rowdy or she was just posing for paparazzi. She got about 5 feet away and turned right back around into her vehicle.   

I booked it to the next spot and made it a minute before she did. There were only 4 people and she refused to do it. Had to wait for the exit and once again, she stayed cold as ice. From here I decided to take time to hit a set. Unfortunately this cost me a lot of time and was unsucessful. There were 2 fresh wants here and a repeat name but I had other places I needed to be. Mainly I had a ticket to see Neil Patrick Harris in his new show. The show itself was very Neal and I enjoyed most of it. There were 2 portions that were uncomfortable/akward. One of which were the aesthetics of strobes and music, the other the content of chopping of male genetalia. I got prime positioning for another photo with Neil. Even though this show was only in it's infancy, they are no longer allowing photos with him. He refused my request stating if he did one he would have to do them for all and he was just focusing on signing event items which meant no HIMYM merch for me  

This day left me completely at a  mentality. After what seemed like minutes of sleep it was time for round 2. 

First up was going for Jennifer Garner and Melissa Joan Hart. Garner took care of fans on her way in and MJH on her way out. Jason Derulo was also here and couldn't have been nicer. Within my first hour my day was already better than the last a hundred times over. Since I had no further info and didn't need to be anywhere until the evening I decided to rush a show. There isn't a much better experience in NYC than saving over $100.  After it let out I went to get James Franco to sign for me. Got him on my Oz item with little trouble. Was too far back for another photo. Also before I entered the show I went for Bryan Cranston. He refused to sign, which was no issue for me as I was only looking for the photo. He stopped for that with no problem despite his driver discouraging me from waiting.  

The other event I had planned was to do the Bob Saget signing at Union Square. The store is known for not allowing photo ops but I still had to try. It became somewhat problematic as they also were adamant about him not signing outside merchandise despite him doing both at both signings over the previous two days. Bob was 15 minutes late and did a 45 minute talk back/ Q&A before he started signing. I'd say there were only 60 people who actually bought the book but 200 there to see him speak. I had someone snap a shot of me talking to Bob since there weren't any posed photos and I had to focus on getting my Full House set signed. I pulled out the extra after I got up to him so the staff couldn't stop me before I asked Bob. He signed it no problem. And we joked about Coulier for a little before I was on my merry way to my last spot.  

There were plenty of people to meet here but my main want was Tamara Tunie from Law and Order. I had tried to get her entering but she refused to take photos until she got on make up. I was able to get Chloe Mortez from Kickass and Michael O Keefe who has played multiple small roles on the 3 main law and order shows. Also got Daryl Sabara from Spy Kids. When Tamara came out after she gladly took a photo with me and we talked about SVU and how we both are from PA. 

And that folks makes another successful trip for me. Thanks for reading.
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Yesterday I headed over to Wrestling Universe to meet Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas, which is one of the rare times WU brought in 2 good names for a photo op. The signing (which included Ivan Koloff & Shane Douglas) was supposed to begin at 3 & I arrived a bit after 3 & only Rocky Johnson had arrived. Horrible traffic between the GWB & the Cross Bronx caused Ivan Koloff & Tony Atlas to be about 90 minutes late. Once Tony arrived I got into the room rather quickly. Both were very nice & joking around. 
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Yesterday me and a friend took a trip to Bookends in New Jersey to meet the one and only Paul Stanley, lead singer/guitarist of the legendary rock band Kiss. Kiss is being inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame today in Brooklyn so Paul has been here all week for that function and to promote his new book. Last time I attempted to meet Paul at Bookends he was signing a Kiss book with Gene Simmons and they had a strict no photo op rule so I originally ruled out attending this signing because I thought the same would happen. A good friend of mine attended Monday's signing in New York City at Barnes & Noble and he told me that Paul took a photo op with each and every single person that got a book signed.  At this point I decided I must try to attend one of Paul's other NY/NJ area signings (Tuesday night he was in Staten island and Wednesday at Bookends in NJ). 

I was supposed to work both my jobs on Wednesday but I was able to get half a day off at my day job and I was luckily able to find someone to work my evening shift at Target so I was in the clear with my jobs.  I got off from my day job at noon and my friend calls and says he is running late so said I should go grab my lunch. My friend arrives an hour late to pick me up but the signing doesn't start until 6 pm so I figure we are still good. My friend says he has been to Bookends before and says its easy to get there. We have a GPS and my smartphone on me so I figure we can't mess up these directions. Wrong! We missed one of our turns and after a little while my friend says "I think we are going the wrong way, we shouldn't be this close to New York City" My reaction was this face  We then make a couple more wrong turns.. I was trying to use my smartphone to get us on the right path but my friend insists we use his GPS. Once we finally find the right way we run into insane traffic. It was rush hour and on top of that there was some kind of concert going on at the Prudential Center so traffic was at a standstill. After realizing we would be arriving at the signing late I called a good friend of mine who I know was there and asked him to buy two books for me, telling him I will pay him in cash when I get there. He agrees to do it so the pressure is off, I should be able to get inside the signing as long as we got books before they sold out. We ended up not getting to Bookends until 7:20 or so.. over an hour after Paul has been signing. As I was approaching the venue I find out my friend couldn't buy us our books because he was with his kid. My reaction was this face.  

I run into Bookends praying that they have a couple books left and the lady at the counter says they are sold out but she can sell me bookplates to get signed and they will mail me the book with the signed bookplates when they get them back in stock.  I also find out that Paul is definitely doing photo ops for everyone that buys a book just as he did at Mondays signing.  We wait in line for about 30 minutes or so and we get up to Paul. I hand my camera to the Bookends staff member and she ends up taking a great photo for me.  I offer to take my friends picture but he chooses for the staff member to take his photo instead and his photo is slightly out of focus. If I had taken that shot I would have taken another, but it was his choice not to have me take the photo. It is truly a miracle that I pulled this off considering everything that went wrong and all the obstacles that were in my way but in the end, I am very glad that I went. I have been trying to get a photo with Paul Stanley for years and I now have a combo from every single original member of Kiss so if this wasn't a success, what is? 
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I'm not much of a report kinda guy, so I'm not make this too long and boring with crazy details like the lack of legroom in the Economy Class seating. Instead, I'll break this down briefly into what I did day to day. But before that, I'll let you guys know who I met, since that's what most of you are probably interested in. I'm not as big as I used to be into meets, so I only got a handful of names on this trip, and the only pics I got were David Otunga, Los Matadores with El Torito, Fink/Jimmy Hart, Brad Maddox, Summer Rae/Fandango, and Mr. T.

Tuesday- Woke up at 4:30 AM for my hippo, when I got to the hippo, it was better than I thought. It was legit like a mini apartment with a kitchen and everything! Since I was exhausted, I didn't do anything too interesting my first day. Just a little exploring, and went to 2 different places from The show "diners drive ins and dives" Which were Mahony's PO Boy Shop, Creole Creamery.

Wednesday - Took a Double Decker bus tour of New Orleans, spent most of the day walking around and exploring the French Quarter, ate dinner at Katie's Restaurant and Bar (also from diners drive ins and dives) and ended the night getting drunk on bourbon street (which had A TON of wrestlers!)

Thursday - Slept in, grabbed some Breakfast at Ihop, then went to the free Fandango/Summer Rae autograph session outside of axxess, then went to Axxess which was 6:00 - 10:00

Friday - We all woke up early to go on a swamp tour, which even led to getting photo opps with a 3 year old alligator! After that, grabbed lunch at a BBQ place called The Joint (4th diners drive ins and dives place) That night we all went to Ring Of Honor.

Saturday - Went to Saturday morning AXXESS, Shimmer, Mahony's PO Boy Shop again, Dragon Gate USA, and $5 Wrestling.

Sunday - Went to Sunday's AXXESS, but left after about 2 hours due to the long lines (session was 6 hours.) Sunday night was of course Mania. Loved the event itself, I've been to 5 Mania's and this was my 2nd favorite. Seeing Bryan win the Belt live was a great experience! After the event, we all went to Bourbon Street to celebrate Bryan's big win. Wrestling fans legit took over the street that night which was hilarious seeing all the people dressed up and the endless "YES!" Chants. Even got a photo opp with some of the fans dressed up.

Monday - Slept in a good bit, went to Willie Mae's House of Fried Chicken, where we ran into Mr. T. Later that night, went to Raw.

Tuesday - Walked around the French Quarter and went to one of the oldest Flea Markets in the country where I got some cool vintage rock posters of The Beatles and Nirvana. Then headed home later that night.
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I attended the Mid-South Legends Fanfest in Chalmette, Louisiana on Friday, April 4th, 2014. It was my first wrestling convention, so I kind of went overboard, buying the photo superticket and the Platinum VIP package. 

The event ended up getting started a little late, but I'm used to that having attended hundreds of wrestling shows in my lifetime. When the doors opened, I quickly made my way around the venue and got vendor guests Shane Douglas, Sam Houston, One Man Gang, Kaitlyn, Jim Duggan and Tommy Dreamer on my WWE Encyclopedia. I also got a photo with Shane. 

They then had a breakfast/Q&A with Jim Cornette, Bill Dundee, The Rock and Roll Express, and the Midnight Express. It was very entertaining, as any Cornette Q&A usually is. 

After that they started the photo/autograph sessions. The autograph sessions were set up in big groups, and having VIP tickets allowed you to get two items signed by each legend. I ended up getting two programs signed by each legend, and autos from Mr. Wrestling II, Jim Cornette, Kamala, Bill Watts, and Bushwhacker Luke in the Encyclopedia. I also purchased a Mr. Wrestling II mask and had him sign it. Everyone was very friendly and seemed happy to be there. No one really seemed to enforce the two items per person rule, as a guy in front of me had a bag full of stuff for Kamala to sign. 

After the Fanfest was over, they had a Cajun dinner for the VIP's. We ended up getting to sit next to "Superstar" Bill Dundee and his wife, who were very friendly. While the dinner was going on, they had a Q&A with Cornette and Bill Watts, which was great. 

Shortly thereafter, they opened the doors for the wrestling show. The event featured Tommy Dreamer, Angelina Love, The Rock and Roll Express, The Pope, Bill Dundee, Lance Hoyt, Chris Masters, and many others. A lot of the legends and vendor guests were still at the gimmick tables as the show was getting started, but I didn't venture over to that area. The show was a lot of fun, and concluded with The Pope winning the Junkyard Dog memorial battle royal. 

Overall, it was a lot of fun. My girlfriend had never even seen wrestling until I showed her the Mid-South Blu-ray the day before, and she had a great time. She even ended up buying a Cornette shirt. I commend Greg Price and Matt Riviera for putting on such a fun, fan friendly event. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about some of the other events I went to that weekend, but that's for another report...