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So last Tuesday WWE came into town for the Smackdown TV tapings...
Got tickets, took day off and had planned for some stalking!!! Things didn't quite work out for how MUCH stalking I could do but went with what I could and some success was had !!!

Bret Hart was doing the pressers thorughtout the city radio and TV stations so knew when and where for the easiest to get him at. 9am got there with plenty of time and about 30 mins later up comes the SUV. Out he and his reps pop ! Immediately they say just to wait and after the interviews he will sort us all out ! Knowing Bret, I didn't sweat at all as he has never let me and other fans down at others meets. Turns out we were mentioned about on air !!! Anyway he came back out once the PR work was done and true to his word got down to meeting everyone. He asked to sign everything for everyone first then he would pose for pics. Got my Encyclopedia done. The television station used him signing my book with me as their publicity pic on Twitter !!!

15 mins later all done.. He thanked us then started walking down the street ... I packed up my stuff and headed to catch the bus and drop Lisa off at the taxi stand.. Suddenly we were asked by Bret and his rep were should he go for breakfast !!! Zack's diner, you are welcome!!!

Fast forward 8 hrs and went to the show itself.... mehhh... too many crappy fluff matches... but seated in the aisle were Roman Reigns made his 'walk through the fans' entrance. Not once but twice !

Left for the hippo .... Didn't have to wait long till some talent pulled up.. and not just ANY talent but Joey Mercury, Fit Finlay, Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter) and .. gasp .. the wrestling God himself .. JBL !!! Here I was torn ... Do I go for the auto-gets of Mercury and Dutch, try for Fit or trrryyyy for JBL .... Knowing JBL isn't that easy, I went for it... and glad I did as he was sssuuupppeerrrr nice. Said to wait one minute and he went to check in. Zeb and Fit went right away to the elevators with Mercury... I got a bit worried but JBL popped back and said he would take care of us but had to get something from his car.... True to his word he came back in and then signed my encyclopedia and took some pics. He was awesome !!!

At this point a whole gaggle of Afghanimals (thanks AmazingRace!!) came in and I just knew that gets would be problematic from this point on. And right I was ... In walks Rusev and Lana. I approached and very politely ask if it was alright to quickly take a photo with the 2 of them ... Rusev looks at me and shakes his head no. I said no problem and thanks ... and then they get bombarded by this group. He is obviously pissed and wants nothing to do with them.. Pretty sure he heard them call him an ass... douchbags.

Cody Rhodes (sans Stardust makeup) comes in with his wife, sees this group, and veers away. I quickly ask politely and he motions yes and to the side away from the douchbag gaggle. Click click done... As the gaggle approach, off flees Cody ..

Now I have to say this about Adam Rose... he seems great with the kids... about 3 flocked him and he went into superstar mode. Took pics with their parents, selfies with the kids, pics by the parents of him and the kids... very nice. He asked me if I was going to 'hold me bum' during our pic .. frakin hilarious !!! Even though I prefer Leo Kruger.

Hung around some more but nobody else was coming in. Main guys were heading to Tokyo. Couldn't wait any longer so off home I went but SUPER happy about getting JBL !!!

Cant wait till another WWE event comes to town.

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TNA taped a bunch of Impact shows a few weeks ago here in NYC and I cleaned up on most of the roster.I got over 50 photo-ops and 25 signatures in the WWE encyclopedia, including the Gobbledygooker entry, which Hector Guerrero signed.There were a ton of crazy and funny experiences including someone opening the door right into Bram and I while we were taking a photo-op (not a good place to stand), and my friend getting marker on Earl Hebner's hand (Earl wasn't too happy about that). Definitely one of the coolest moments was getting a triple photo-op with the drunk knockouts at 3 AM. They were coming back from a bar and were pretty wasted. They agreed to take the photo as long as I held their plastic dinosaur. I was also able to score dual ops with The Hardy Boyz, The Menagerie and The American Wolves!

The adventure didn't begin well since I immediately missed the Great Muta. He was only there for the first show, and he left right away.Unfortunately I was standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time.Still, I was real happy with all the photos I ended up with. Everyone was really nice, except for Robbie E, who ignored me two nights in a row. He must be a real good human being to act like another human being doesn't exist...what an ass wipe! I was told he ended up doing only one photo the whole time. At the last second Paul Simon was spotted entering the Manhattan Center, but I was not quick enough to ask for the photo. I am not sure what he was doing there, but at that point I was extremely exhausted and couldn't wait around for him, especially with him being notoriously tough to get a pic with. By the end of their stay, I was still trying to get photos with Gail Kim and Christy Hemme. They made very few appearances and continuously would sneak into the Manhattan Center.I ended off a great few days when I caught both of them checking out. I had Christy sign the encylopedia the day before, but she was in a rush and the signature came out pretty bad, when comparing it to someone else's. She also signed more on Christian's entry, which was the reason I gave her when I asked her to sign a second time. Unfortunately, she signed the exact same way for me! I won't try for a third time! 

The only TNA names I still need photos with are Mike Tenay (he was not on this trip), Robbie E., Tigre Uno (who was not taking pics without his mask), and Crazy Steve. I was pre-occupied with bigger names for most of the time and when I had the time to concentrate on Steve, I didn't see anyone that resembled him.I will catch him in August. Overall, an awesome experience!
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So this past Week one of my Favorite Wrestlers EVER was in NYC. That's Right The GREATEST WWF/E Champion of all time Stone Cold Steve Austin. A funny little back story on Saturday night me and Gina were Watching TV and a Commercial for Austins new Show and I say to Gina I Hope he comes to NYC to promote it. Fast forward to early Monday morning I get a Message on FB from a friend saying that Austins in NYC and hes doing press for his show and he tells me the show that hes doin. I didn't see tat message till it was to late . So I started doin some research and the next thing I know I get another message saying that Austin is doin some show in NYC and I have to be there between 1-3 and I got the message at like 12:45 . So I get my stuff and we Bolt to the City. We get to the spot in 20 minutes, gina parks right in front and Immediately a meter rat tells her to move. She pulls out and No joke Austins car pulls in. I get out 2 of my things and he signs one on the way in. so I call gina and tell her what happened and shes all excited that I got 1 and I told her that I was waiting till he came out cause I wanted the rest of my shit signed so she found a spot around the corner and waited there for me. So finally at 3:30 he comes out and by that time there was 4 other ppl there so I was hoping to get atleast 1 more done and he signed 3 for me  and I got the pic with. I was trying for a 5th but it didn't happen. I forgot to take a pic of the 4th thing I got signed which was the Jakks Austin/Bret 2 pack. heres the Pics of what I got signed and my pic with him 

The Ringside Excusive is one of my favorite Austin Figures

I know i'll probably Never Get Brock But you Never Know. all it takes is a Promoter to Throw him ALOT of money. Who am I kidding this is Never getting signed by Brock LOL

My pic with him. this is my 7th Pic with him and my 10th time meeting Him
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I know I've been behind reports, but I hope to play catch up. 

Not even 2 weeks since my last endeavor, I set out for a whole host of meets with  Again, we shall divide in days. 

Day 1

The first day starts of early at a spot. Got a bunch of names most notably Josh Lucas, a want of mine. Here's a good idea of how inconsiderate people can be. I was taking my photo op and some bitch jumps in and takes a selfie with her self phone ruining my shot  Luckilly he came back out and did another photo op with me 

Another notable was Katherine Heigl but I already had her so that wasn't a score. 

We saw Tony Bennett randomly as he lives not too far from the spot. He didn't too much in terms of photo ops. I didn't mind cause I had him but Joresky was devastated as he staid "no pictures" cause he doesn't have him. I got him to sign photo paper though. 

Then it was off to the next spot where the year prior I scored big. I was hoping to replicate my success. And replicate I did!

Tons of names were racked, including actors from the Gotham TV Show including Jada Pinkett Smith. Improved my photo op with Nicole Baharie and Olivia Munn. Upgraded my photo with David Boreanaz by getting him without shades! Had to yell and scream to get him to pose with me. But him leaving prevented me from getting Ben McKenzie who stars as Commissioner Gordon in Gotham! His go cart blocked Ben from coming to where I was  And Zooey Deschanel did autographs no photo ops! I've lost count at how many times I failed to get that photo op! Zooey went to another part of the building, so now I had to catch Zooey in the back and Ben in the front. Luckily I could see from a distance that Ben was still busy. I try to approach Zooey but security says to stay back. Not wanting trouble just yet I comply. In moving around I see Jane Lynch and try to upgrade my photo op but she declines. I also invite Joresky to come try and meet Zooey with me but he declines saying she won't do photo ops. Then Zooey comes up! I ask for a photo op she says to get in line. I get in the back of a line of about 7-8 girls and she FINALLY takes the shot with me! I could not believe it! I finally broke the Zooey curse. Of course Joresky's reaction was this face  when he saw the photo op. I arrive just in time to get Ben McKenzie and YES I get the photo op!

After the sweeping success at this spot, it was off to the next spot where a bunch of names were expected. Jim Parsons, Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch, Matt Bomer and Julia Roberts. Upon arriving at the spot I found out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there. Also turns out Julia Roberts actually did 2 or 3 photo ops going inside! Although they were all females. 

The spot had two exits, I try to get Brad and Angelina but failed. And I was on the front side when Julia Roberts actually came out the back and signed a few autographs  Wanted to upgrade my Taylor Kitsch photo op but again was on the wrong side. Needed a Ruffalo autograph but he did nothing for no one. 

Went on to the next spot where the crowd was a lot better, but sadly everyone is inside when I get there. 

Jim Parsons comes out and does nothing for no one. We see Lea Michele and Liv Tyler they do some photo ops sadly none with me. Mark Ruffalo comes out and I wasn't able to score him but thankfully I got a photo op with him already but I needed an auto. Matt Bomer comes out but didn't need him. I get Dylan McDermott, upgrades with Taylor Kitsch and director Peter Berg, among other things. Last photo op for the evening was Anthony Edwards but sadly photo came out blurry. Tried begging for a retake but to no avail. We never saw Brad or Angelina come out as they left through the side. Julia Roberts came out but nothing for no one. 

Lots of ups and down for the day, and as we were heading back to the car we spot bags and bags of sealed candy outside a CVS. We load up a garbage bag Santa Clause style, and take our new found treats (garbage bags had nothing but sealed unexpired candy in it). 

Day 2

This day starts off at a spot were Will Smith did combos the day before. I was hoping to see him but sadly did not. I did see Camren Bicondova who plays Selina Kyle/Future Catwoman in the Gotham TV show. At the spot where I scored the others the day before she did nothing for no one. Her mother and grandmother were happy with the fame and asked me to tag her in the photo op. I also saw markedout's Woodmo and got other photo ops. After this went by one stop and got a Jason Beghe photo op, then off to another spot where I see Hayley Atwell from the Captain America movie but she does nothing. Then I score Juliette Lewis as she is walking. On to another spot and I score a couple more names, and I stand at spot for Lady Gaga! 

The crowd was ginormous but I manage to scream for her and she actually posed with me!!  I even made TMZ on this one. Particularly proud of this score cause it was a tough one to get. Granted she was nice but not everyone got the shot. 

Then I go on a separate endeavor. First spot I score a Marisa Tomei combo on a program (though I had a photo op from before so this isn't new), I score a Toni Colette photo op, and a photo op and two autographs with Michael C Hall AKA Dexter. Off to the next spot where I hope to upgrade my Michelle Williams shades photo op and also complete my combo with both her and Alan Cummings. Alan comes out and signs my magazine and program. And I got Michelle Williams to sign the program, an 8x10 of her, and an Oz the Great and Powerful 8x10 already signed by James Franco! Additionally, I got the last of the perfects shots with her, no shades AND no hat. 

Back to the previous spot where I score Kyra Sedgwick and a couple of others. I stepped away for a second and Steve Carell did photo ops! I went to get one but by then he stopped doing them and rejected me. I have a photo op with him from before but this would have been a nice upgrade to what I have. Not a huge deal but still a stupid miss. 

The evening ended on a sour note. We went to yet another spot to see John Cho and Karen Gillian from Guardians of the Galaxy. It was late, we were tiered, and it was cold, we left and 3 minutes later they did photo ops with everyone 

Day 3

This day starts off on a stupid blunder. I thought it was Adam Sandler at an early morning spot, when I arrived I find out it was Jim Parsons  rookie mistake not double checking the info. This cost us some precious sleep. But I made the best of it and got a photo op. 

Next spot where we hope to make up Karen Gillian and John Cho. We see Hayley Atwell going for a jog but declines photo ops saying on the way back. I get another Juliette Lewis photo op it's clearer than my shot from the day before but she has shades on. We finally see John Cho but he has a hat and shades. Me and Joresky got photo ops while two girls there did not. Wow it's a rarity that a couple of guys score a photo op while girls do not. Brad Paisley shows up but I have so many photo ops with him I simply shook his hand and told him so. He's like "good seeing you again". Then his wife Kimberly Williams shows up! Since I missed her a couple of weeks ago, this was AWESOME for me! Had I not missed John Cho and Karen Gillian the day before I would not have been waiting here. We never did see Karen but we knew we would have another chance at her because she would be at Wizard World Philadelphia. 

Off to the next spot where I get Cee Lo Green, Rhona Mitra, among others I tried again for Lady Gaga to get her without a hat, but this time instead of posing for me she waves at me and goes away. I wonder if she remembered me from the day before. 

We go off to the next spot, but sadly we arrive late and we do not have the prime spots at the railing. Halle Berry signs a few autographs on both sides and does a couple of photo ops on the side opposite where I was. Morgan Freeman does nothing for no one. I had to very aggressively fight for the photo ops I did get. Will Arnett, Sharon Osbourne, and Chris O Donnel are some of my scores. Another notable miss of mine was Robert Patrick AKA T-1000. 

Sadly, we make a fatal mistake after entries are done. Rather than wait for exits we rush to the next spot. Had we stayed we probably could have scored some people on exits While all these people were at the next spot we get a tip that Adam Sandler just went out with friends and should be due back at his hippo! We decide to invest our time and effort to Adam Sandler. 

We wait and we find out that many of the people did combos, INCLUDING MORGAN FREEMAN WHO NEVER DOES STUFF   

I guess hindsight is 20/20 we should have stayed there. But we didn't want to miss Adam Sandler who is normally nice. 

While waiting for Adam we finally get Hayley Atwell and we also see Martin Short (though I had him). Finally Adam Sandler arrives and I ask for a photo op and he says "go" and poses with us and I get two autographs! YES! 

We quickly hear to the last spot for the evening where I see Stephen Amell but sadly he does nothing for no one. The evening ends with a Daniel Gillies photo op. 

Day 4

This was my final planned day before calling it quits. And while Joresky chose to sleep and rest up his body, I decided to be up early. When heading to the spot I debated if I should just walk or pay for a train, I paid the $2.50. This was a fantastic decision because 2 minutes after I arrived I scored a combo with Grant Gustin AKA The Flash! The day was off to a good start right there. Sacrificed sleep and sacrificed $2.50, but Grant would do nothing else for no one for the rest of the day. So it was worth it.

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell would do nothing for no one throughout, but I got some decent scores in Colton Haynes, Joseph Morgan, Misha Collins, Paul Blackthorne, John Barrowman, among others. This spot would also be the first time I see CMshowstopper since forging a truce with him and the first time I see my old friend Dave since he got cured of cancer a second time.

After this spot winds down we find out that Hayden Christensen AKA Anakin Skywalker is here  

Despite this, I choose to head over to another spot to try for more names. The setup seemed bad cause we were across the street but a lot of celebrities came over. One notable name I'm happy I got was William Mosley from Chronicles of Narnia. I had just gotten Will Poulter a couple of weeks ago, and I got Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley a while back. Only missing Anna Popplewel. Piper Perabo came over but since I had her I didn't bother to fight the crowd. After a few more photo ops I stop somewhere to charge my phone and camera. Then I head back to the spot for Hayden Christenson. As I rush there Joresky decides to go for $1 pizza and BAM I score Hayden! Almost didn't get it. As I arrived he was signing then was about to go till I pleaded for the photo op! Joresky did get him the next day but he was wearing a cap. 

I also got Josh Helman (Young Striker in X Men Days of Future Past), among others. 

My time was coming to an end, I tried a couple of more spots but to no avail. I could have waited for Amell to come back, but I correctly guessed he wouldn't stop. Since there was nothing else left for me to get that was still in the city, I decided to leave. 
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Quick report from two meets. 

1. As you may know, I was/am a huge fan of the 90's TV series Sliders. I've met Jerry O'Connell before, but I didn't get his autograph. I'd found out that he was starring in a limited-run off hippo play called American Hero. I got a Sliders poster made at COSTCO (12x18 with Lustre), and brought along my silver Sharpie. Play ticket was less than $20. Basically it's about 3 people with tons of problems trying to run a sandwich shop. They it goes haywire. It was really funny, laugh out loud. Jerry was terrific. Afterwards I stopped him on his way out, and got the poster signed. We talked about the rumored Sliders movie. Jerry was very gracious, because I couldn't figure out how to get my stupid camera out of "silent mode" so the flash wasn't working. He suggested we step back inside, which worked. 

Now Ari Graynor co-starred, and she was kind enough to take a picture. However, the flash didn't go off, and the lady who took it for me blurred it all up.  

2. Second get was completely thanks to a thread here by Joresky! I did attend the Dean Martin Expo in New York on June 28th with the intention of meeting the legendary Robert Vaughn. Took the train in from Secaucus, got there just in time for the noon Solo-holics fan Q&A. Now I don't think I was supposed to sit in on that, but there were plenty of seats and I had gotten permission from the fan president the night before. Anyway, it was a terrific 40 minute session with Robert Vaughn himself. Very nice, funny, and brilliant guy. I was glad to be there, and equally glad to get the photo with him in that room. The main floor of the expo was pretty small. Larry Storch was there. I said hello to Carroll Spinney, and we talked about the film festivals his "I Am Big Bird" documentary has been shown at. I did get an 8x10 signed by Mr. Vaughn. I picked the one with he and David McCallum, in the event I could get his sig one day. Barbara Feldon was not at the table yet, and I was starving, so I had to leave.

PS: I did get Mr. Vaughn to do a bumper for my podcast, so I'll put that on a future episode!
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So over the last month have got quite a few rather interesting baseball names at the local minor league team's games.

Really excited for the game August 5th, Jose Canseco is doing a North America tour, trying to break some home run record. He is appearing all over the place at games, & facing 5 fans in each place in a home run derby. He will be signing autographs for 1 hour after the derby on 8/5, so yeah i am jacked.

1st off they had a free admission game in early June, so I went with the purpose of getting our new manager (former New York Yankee) Pat Kelly, & our new pitching coach Tom Browning (Threw a perfect game for the Reds in 1988, & won a World Series with the Reds in 1990). The team we were playing had a couple former big leaguers on their coaching staff also (Jason Wasdin, whom threw a perfect game in the Triple A), & Ryan Christenson, whom had a few years in the majors). 
I had decent seats, & thru out the game someone from the Reds organization who was hanging out with the team in the dugout kept walking by every so often, & it finally hit me who he was. So the next time he walked by I asked, "Hey are you Ryan Jackson?" Yes I am. Sweet. He also had a few years in the majors with the Marlins, Mariners, & Tigers. Got to chatting with him after the game, & he asked how I recognized him. "Well you played baseball at Duke, & favorite college sports team!" He was amazed I recognized him, as he played at Duke in 1994. LOL! 

Had no problem getting Pat Kelly and the coaches from the other team, but after waiting a couple hours, found out Tom Browning was staying in the clubhouse that night (guess its something he does regularly). Oh well he will be here all season, just sucked waited so long for nothing.

So last week 1st ever Anaheim Angels Hall of Famer Bobby Grich did a signing at a car wash here in town. Was a really nice guy. He was appearing that night at the game, and chatted about how horrible our stadium is, & how it was that bad when he played here on the opposing team way back in 1968. LOL yeah it's the worse stadium in all of baseball. They were giving away tix to that night's game, and the following night. Had a concert that night so took tix for the following night.

Went with the sole purpose of trying to finally get Tom Browning. Upon arriving I found out we were playing Visalia. HELL YES! As a huge Diamondbacks fan I was hyped. Their manager is Robby Hammock, whom only had a couple cups of coffee in the majors, BUT was the catcher who caught Randy Johnson's perfect game against the Braves in 1998. Before the game started I got lucky & caught Browning coming out to the field. Was more then willing to stop & pose for a quick photo. Also during the game realized Ken Griffey Sr. who was our manager the last 3 seasons was in attendance. Guess he was there all week just hanging out. Was kind of mad I didn't attend the game the night before as Eric Davis was there. But he is here about once a month, as a special assistant to the GM for the Cincy Reds. (we are the single A affiliate of the Reds).

Was a pretty exciting game, we won on a walk off wild pitch in the 10th. After the game waited by the visiting team's bus, & had no problem getting Hammock, & also grabbed a quick photo with their pitching coach Gil Heredia, who had an ok MLB career with the Expos, Giants, Rangers, & A's.

Not a bad month, a pitcher who threw a perfect game in the majors, a catcher who caught a perfect game for my favorite team in the majors, a pitcher who threw a perfect game in the minors, &
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Ok.. that title might be the most gay thing ever here lol

Anyway on to the report. Found out from a good friend where the Detroit Tigers hippo was and had a free day so I went down there. After being yelled and cussed out by Kate Upton (she is dating Justin Verlander of the Tigers) I should have just said fuck it and left but I really wanted Miguel Cabera (Triple Crown and MVP winner) well there were some kids who's dad is a dealer/shop owner that had beaten them into submission for the 1st 2 days both coming and going. Miggy had hippo and team security with him so he didn't sign. All I got for the trip was a cell phone selfie with Tigers OF Don Kelly 

Couple people signed but I didn't have anything and didn't want to risk missing my target

Couple days later hit up our Double A team Frisco Roughriders (Rangers team) to hit our best hitting prospect since Tex was here Joey Gallo. Bought my ticket (fuckers charged tax on me, never had that before lol) and walked in, well what do I see, our best pitcher in 2013 1st round pick Alex "Chi Chi" Gonzales and where was my photo... still at the photo lab (but he ain't going no where so I'll get it done next time) decided to get a photo with him

Then headed down to the 3rd base side and waited for Joey to walk out, he did, signed for few people then I got him on a card & photo for me and a 11x14 for a friend who couldn't make it, also got a photo with him to get signed next week

I love minor league baseball. From time I bought my tickets to getting both guys and back in my car was 30 mins. I could've stayed for game but it was kids day out and I really hate them games
This weekend Lanza and I headed into NYC for some meeting. 

Thanks to the MTA being screwed up and delaying Lanza's bus, we ended up reaching our Willem Defoe spot too late to catch him, thanks to a fellow grapher we were able to minimize the time wasted. This wasn't a terrible blow, but it did mean we would have to come back the next morning, but more on that later.

After this we grabbed a nice relaxing lunch, and moved on to the next spot for James Franco. 

Upon arriving at this spot, a gay dude wearing short daisy duke styled shorts, with a belly shirt on underneath a second see-through shirt approaches and begins hitting on me. 

He starts by introducing himself and shaking my hand. He then asks me where I am from, when he hears we're both from Long Island, he asked how old I was. Apparently my age was agreeable, because he then yelled out that we should go do shots together. I really didn't know what to say so I just laughed. I never mind attention, nor am I homophobic so I wasn't uncomfortable with the whole thing. I just wondered why this guy had a more slim womanly body than some of the women that bother me on a weekly basis.  Lanza was luckily spared from his advances and got to just stand there laughing. 

Sadly the spot, mostly due to my overthinking ended up being more difficult than it needed to be, and sadly Lanza missed out on getting a photo with James. Once the rails came out, everybody stayed on one side. I had done my research though and I knew where he started, and that side of the rail was empty. I had thought I heard one of the other fans mentioning it being for ticketed people only, which I saw happen the other week with Radcliffe. I suggested we stay in the middle of the rail by the road, figuring we would avoid being told to move and losing front row positioning. Well, I underestimated NYPD stupidity. Once the audience files out and takes up the side I feared was audience only, NYPD yells that anybody by the side of the rail in the street needs to move. After all that time waiting, we lost front row  . We rush over to the side and luckily procure second row. I was pissed off at the situation, because once Franco exits fans took up the street side and the cop said nothing. We would have been fine if not for him.

James Franco starts and is much more abrupt than I would have guessed from reading all the fangirl comments on Instagram. His basic response to a photo was "just take it" while he was signing. He would quickly look up, but it was tough to get his attention, a far cry from the Radcliffe experience. Finally he nears me, and I start asking for a photo which gets the same "OK, take it" but I managed to spin myself with my back to him, and started yelling "JAMES!!! JAMES!!!" as I pushed myself between the people in front of me, and luckily enough he actually not only looked, but leaned over to get in my shot. This was a success for me, but I felt real bad for Lanza only getting an autograph, especially since it was my plotting of the situation that caused us to make one move too many.

After this, we got out of the madness and moved on to the next spot. This time for Ellie Kemper from Bridesmaids, The Office and 21 Jump Street fame. This was super laid back, and when she exited she went over to speak with some friends. Lanza and myself were the only fans waiting, so we approach but give her space, waiting for a break in convo. Once she noticed us she said hello, and gladly posed for photos, apologizing for her eye remarking that she looked like she had gotten in a fight. Not sure if Shia LeBouf ran into her during his weekend bender, but she did look as if someone had popped her.  She really couldn't have been nicer though.

After this we went for Zach Woods from The Office and also the new HBO comedy Silicon Valley. I haven't watched that show yet, but we found out another main cast member was with him from the show, which seemed like a great oppurtunity. Once we spotted him, Lanza asked for a photo but Zach apologized saying he was late but he would take care of us after. Once after came, he exited with Thomas Middleditch, and we asked them for a group photo which they gladly posed for. It's always cool to get cast shots on the street as it's a difficult thing to coordinate usually. Once the photo was done, Zach apologized for making us wait and we thanked him for taking care of us.

After this Lanza randomly spots Bobby Moynihan from SNL fame. Bobby always alluded us, so it was cool to finally get him. He was nice as could be.

Next, another random meet at another spot, this time Vinny Guadanigno from Jersey Shore. He was very weird and awkward. I asked him for a photo and I couldn't really say he was a real dick about it, since he said yes without any hesitation or deliberation, but he just seemed odd and quite uncomfortable. Whatever, I got the photo, my fourth Jersey Shore cast member, all by accident, so it's whatever.

Up next was another random meet Lanza recognized, Mike O'Brien a new SNL castmember. I never saw him before, but many of these SNL people go on to do other stuff so I got a photo.

After this we grabbed dinner and went home shortly there after. We had to start a new day the next morning for Willem Defoe.

The next day we met at Penn and took a 20 minute subway ride to Brooklyn. Once at the spot, we sat on a stoup and tanned which was nice. Willem Defoe arrived and we were the only two there. I am not sure why he was dressed like Jane Lynch on Glee, but he was cool as could be. Gladly posing for photos, and I even got a Boondocks Saint BluRay signed.

After this we headed back to Manhattan, where I got a $4 bottle of Orange Juice at Starbucks which was supposed to be fresh squeezed tasting, which was accurate. I know Class, $4?!!? 

I caught an early train and I was home in my pool by 3pm, all in all it was a good weekend. Great to see Lanza after a few months.
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Collecting 80's slasher movie projects is a feast or famine endeavor - for every Kane Hodder and Steve Dash who do every convention under the sun, there's dozens of supporting cast "victims" who fell out of the public eye, and have figuratively moved to Parts Unknown. Trying to find a victim character who doesn't do cons or still act is tough, so when one of them pops up, from a movie I really like, it's a pleasant treat.

Most of you won't care at all about this name, but in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, there's a really fun scene where two yuppies in a BMW piss off the Leatherface family, and long story short, they get chased on a bridge, and ultimately meet a very gruesome death via chainsaw. I was able to find info on both actors, but they're both currently based on the West Coast, so that info did me little good. However, yesterday on social media, I heard that one of them, Chris Douridas (who's character name was actually "Rick the Prick") was doing a gig in NYC. So I gathered up my TCM2 poster, and hauled ass to Brooklyn.

When I got to the venue, they were serving beer and had the Yankees game on the big screen, so I at least had something to pass the time while I waited for Chris to show up. Most of the crowd there were late 20's/early 30's type people, and the guy I was looking for was over 50, so I was confident I'd be able to spot him if he showed. After killing time for an hour and a half, I finally see the guy I was looking for come in. I waited until he was done talking to his buddy, excused myself, and asked for an autograph. He seemed surprised, and asked "Seriously?". I assured him I wasn't kidding, and said I had a TCM2 poster, and his eyes went wide, and he said "No WAY!". When I unrolled my poster, he laughed and shook his head. His buddy busted his chops about being such a bigshot, but he gladly signed and took a photo. After he was done, I thanked him and shook his hand, and he said "Dude, you just made my night!"

Although he still works in a public field, he obviously put acting behind him a long time ago, and seemed to genuinely be flattered that somebody would not only be asking for an autograph, but be marking out for him. It's rare that a celeb, even a relatively obscure one from the past, seems to enjoy a meeting as much, if not more, than the fan did. He's obviously not a big name that most people would care about, but it's really satisfying to finally meet a guy you've been trying to track down for a long time, and everything ultimately turns out great.
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This past Saturday night me and class316 headed to the Dundalk Heritage Fair near Baltimore to try to meet the band Night Ranger. We got to the show late and upon arrival we were able to mooch the entrance fee.  Luckily for us, we still caught over 20 minutes of their set including many of their hits including my favorite of theirs "Sister Christian."  We asked the merch guy if the band was supposed to do a meet and greet after the show and he said "he didn't think so."  Not all hope was lost, we decided to hang out and see if it was possible to meet the band anyway. Shortly after the show, the newer guitarist of the band Joel Hoekstra came out and did combos for anyone who wanted. I got a photo op with him and had him sign one of my eight by ten photos that featured the current lineup... of course I didn't have him sign the photo with the three original members or my CD that only featured the original members on it. There was a backstage area that was fenced off but we could see trailers backstage so we could tell where the band members were going. After a little bit I spotted Jack Blades, lead singer of the band walking toward the exit. We ran in that direction and we saw him in the parking lot near one of the cars. 

We quickly ask for photos and he does them no problem  .. we then ask for autographs but it seems like he is in a rush and doesn't want to sign all of our items.  He decides to sign everything anyway and even takes care of a couple other marks next to us as well. At this point its not a bust because we have the original singer but we still had two more original members (Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy) to get and the new keyboardist so we go back to the area where we saw Blades. Soon after we see Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis leave the spot in a car. We can't get to them because the area is fenced off but I had an alternative spot where we knew they would be so we headed there as quickly as we could. We got to the spot right away and we saw the car pull up. The first member we noticed was Brad Gillis so we all got combos with him.  While we were getting combos with Brad we found out we missed Kelly Keagy walking in ... but while we were getting Brad he mentioned he needed to do this quickly because they had to leave in 10 minutes. 

This proved to be a very good piece of information because we knew they wouldn't be at this spot very long. While we were waiting for Kelly to come back out we spotted the newer keyboardist, Eric Levy and we got combos with him as well. After waiting about 15 minutes or so we spotted Kelly come out and me, class and one other mark approached him for combos. He was very cool... took photos ops, signed everything and even hung out for an extra few minutes to chat with us.  In some respects, Kelly is my favorite member of Night Ranger because even though he is the drummer he also sings on many songs and he is the main vocalist on the song "Sister Christian" which is Night Ranger's biggest hit. This doesn't happen too often in rock bands but another example is with Kiss... Peter Criss, the drummer of Kiss sings the song "Beth." At this point the night is 100% a success, we managed to score combos with the entire band even when things were looking doubtful. We also managed to get to the concert in time to see them perform their hits even though we were running very late and we didn't even have to pay admission. Hope to have this kind of luck again in the future.