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Jimmy Carter has been someone I have been cursed with photo op wise. Let us recap some of my misses

1) Book signing where I got 3 books signed. He didn't do photo ops and despite my attempts after the signing I failed to get a photo op. 

2) At one function he was doing, it was a choice between that and Steven Tyler's outgoing. Since it was raining and cold and the Carter spot had a garage, I chose to go for what seemed like more of a guarantee. Indoor, a nice guy, spot where I historically have had success, and no secret service. While I was successful with Steven Tyler, Turns out Jimmy Carter didn't use the garage and actually did photo ops  

3) And another spot he was supposed to appear at. Got up in the crack of dawn to make this one. Arrived and there was NO secret service at the spot! Turns out he CALLED IN rather than appear! I ended up attending a Mario Andretti signing that day. 

4) There was yet another book signing he did, but I couldn't make that one. While he still didn't do photo ops, it was still a chance to try, and I feared it would basically be it for Jimmy Carter. After all he is born in 1924. 

5) Then I got a tip for AP info on him. YES! There is HOPE! I went to the AP, and turns out they exited him right off the flying machine and drove him from the runway! Wasted time and money  

Then one random night in early August, I was relaxing at home and I get a call to find his outgoing. 15 minutes later I hit the jackpot! 

Sadly it was early in the morning. But as the saying goes, you gotta play to win. 0% chance the combo Gods would provide a Jimmy Carter photo op if I stayed home sleeping. 

So I got up early and arrived. We are a total of five people. Carter arrives and signs for two people! I try to go up and a secret service agent goes STAY BACK STAY BACK while a cop tells me to stay back as well and they physically block me from approaching. I go "ok, ok"

Then Carter walks towards the stairs and as he passes by me I politely ask for a photo op and he speaks in a very soft and reluctant tone saying "I guess so". I quickly go next to him and blast that selfie  

FINALLY I HAD THAT JIMMY CARTER PHOTO OP. My reaction was this face  

After I get my photo op he signs for another grapher! 

Completing my Jimmy Carter combo, I went home victorious! Given his age who knows how many more chances of Carter I'll have. 

Now some may ask, "how could you do all this, weren't you afraid of secret service"? 

Well, there were other things I was afraid of more than secret service or cops. Namely 1) putting all that time, money, and effort for nothing (yet again) and 2) losing what may be the very last chance I ever have to get that photo op. 
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This past Saturday I went to New York City to meet some celebrities including a top want of mine… Jason Bateman. I was just in New York City the prior weekend so I originally wasn’t planning on going back this soon but I got a fantastic tip about Jason Bateman appearing at an event so I couldn’t resist since I’m a huge fan of him. When I got to the city I went to a couple different spots where I was hoping to see some great random celebrities but unfortunately I saw nobody. At one spot I saw some autograph dealers but they were waiting for sports names so I left because sports names don’t really interest me unless they also have film roles. After a little while I decided to hit up a spot I went to last Friday where I met Anna Gunn to meet another actor Billy Magnussen. Billy is an up and coming actor and he has a role in the upcoming film Into the Woods as Rapunzels prince so I figured why not. I went to the spot and after a little bit Billy came out and I got a great selfie with him.  I also saw Mario Cantone and Judith Light come out of this spot randomly so I passed on Cantone because I already have a perfect photo op and I got a good upgrade with Judith who I enjoyed on the TV show Whos the Boss.  

After this I went to a spot to meet the band Air Supply. There were a couple other marks at this spot and I didn’t see a tour bus or anything like that and the marks told me they should be walking to this spot. After waiting for about 20 minutes we spotted the two main members (original singer and guitarist) walking down the street and as they approached the venue we asked them for autographs and pictures and they did it no problem.  We each had three vinyl records and they took care of us no problem. I’m really happy I invested the $3 for the three vinyls I got used because everything got signed. For the photo op I was able to get an awesome photo between the two original members. I was very happy I was able to meet them for free because I know they had a meet and greet for $175 and I didn’t want to pay that kind of money to meet them. Next I went to another spot where we were hoping to see some good randoms but unfortunately we didn’t see any. 

After this I met up with a very good friend of mine for my main want and reason for coming up in the first place, Jason Bateman. I love Jason in so many movies and TV shows and from what I hear he is very fan friendly so I figured it was a great idea to try this. I arrived at the spot with plenty of time to spare but I wasn’t sure what door he was going to enter. There was a front door and a side door.. with possibly another on the other side. I decided to stand on the corner because I could see both sides. After a while it started to rain a bit and it was getting late. We decided to wait under the awning so we didn’t get wet and my friend spotted director Charlie McDowell (son of actor Malcolm McDowell). We asked for photo ops and he did it no problem.  He hasn’t directed much so far except for lesser known indie flicks but I figured why not get a photo with him in cast he becomes more famous and because his dad is an awesome actor I’ve met a bunch of times. After a little while we figured out we missed Jason going in so we waited for the event to be over. After the event broke we saw a glass window on the side of the building and we could see Jason through the window… he was posing for photos inside the event. After a little bit we saw him head for the front door so we quickly followed. As soon as he stepped outside I asked him for a photo op and he did it no problem.  I then took a photo for a friend of mine and then asked him to sign the two DVDs I brought.. he did it no problem.  At this point other people walking out of the event were approaching him for photos but he seemed very cool about it and took care of anyone who asked him for anything. At this point my trip was made… Jason was my main reason for coming and anything else I got after this would be bonus. 

Next we were going to go to another spot so I could get an upgraded photo with Ally Sheedy but unfortunately the Bateman event ran a little late so we missed out on that opportunity. Instead we went to another spot. We pulled up just as the celebrities were exiting and I got photo ops with all three actors at the spot… Michael Rispoli (The Sopranos), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Lincoln, Tower Heist) and Austin Pendleton (My Cousin Vinny, Short Circuit, A Beautiful Mind). They were all very cool and posed for photos no problem. Unfortunately, I had nothing to get signed but if I did I’m sure they would have signed it for me. After this I went to another spot where I was hoping to see some random celebrities but I didn’t see any unfortunately. I did run into some good friends (heelorton and others) who I ended hanging out with late at this spot and at another. I had a great time hanging out and chatting with them but it was unfortunate we didn’t run into any celebrities while hanging out. Oh well, at this point my day was made by getting Bateman and I had some decent lower names too to make it even more fruitful. All in all, had a great and productive day.
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There's few things that would get me back in a car for my second looooooong road trip to Chicago in the last three weeks, but one of my personal favorite movies to collect is the Robert Rodriguez/Tarantino "Grindhouse" double feature, so when one of the stars is doing a sit-down signing, I make it a priority. Rosario Dawson, along with fellow Sin City 2 cast members Patricia Vonne (who came dressed in her "Zorro Girl" character costume) and Crystal McCahill, was doing a signing in the Chicagoland area Hollywood Palms Cinema, which is an AWESOME movie theater - it's one of the new trendy "dine-in" theaters, with full food and bar service brought right to your seat in the theater. And the atmosphere is awesome, with various posters and other movie memorabilia decorating the entire place. They also had one of the cars from Sin City in the lobby as well. Seriously, if you're ever in the Chicago area, check this place out.

So before each showing of the movie, the three women come out to tables to sign. Prices were reasonable - $20 per autograph (only thing that was charged any extra were Playboy related items, which were $30), and $20 pro photo ops, which were printed out on the spot. And as each fan got to go to the celeb's table, they got all of their autographs and photos with done right then and there - no need to go anywhere else, or wait around a few hours. Got Rosario on a Death Proof poster (5th star on it), my Grindhouse hardcover book, and the Grindhouse Japanese program book. Then stuck around and watched Sin City 2 (which if you liked the first one, is pretty good too). And after the movie, all three women came down in front of the screen to do a brief Q&A as well. I also made a nice weekend of it in Chicago, also taking in a Cubs game at Wrigley, and taking pics of various landmarks.

So all in all, despite the insane drive, was a very fun weekend.
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So earlier this year, my kids started getting into WWE after they got the WWE 2K14 game. Naturally they wanted to be like dad and meet all the wrestlers. WWE was in my area a few times in June (their summer break) so I took them to a couple shows and hit up some locations so they could get photos. Needless to say they were ecstatic to get photos with probably 90% or more of the roster. 

A couple of things worth noting;
1. Paige is absolutely awesome. I can't say a single bad thing about her, regardless of what some others may say.
2. Lana and Rusev are totally playing their characters. This includes acting like they don't understand English, running from people and straight yelling NO. I was able to get some graphs from Rusev but he wouldn't do photos any of the times I saw him. Lana was brutal but a little creativity and my handsomely good looks, and I got the photo with:) Unfortunately she denied my make out request:(
3. I had to explain to Paul Heyman that I wasn't keeping my kids out of school because they were on summer vacation.
4. My 8 year old asked Nikki Bella to go to prom with him in 10 years and she said yes! I have it all on video. It was funny. 

I didn't get too many photos myself, at least not with people I already had but my kids cleaned up. All in all we got; Adam Rose, Aksana (Pre-Release), Alicia Fox, Ascension, Big E, Bo Dallas, Brad Maddox, Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Brooklyn Brawler, Naomi, Cameron, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Ceasaro, Charles Robinson, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Colin Cassady, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Damian Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, El Torito, Primo, Epico, Emma, Eva Marie, Fandango, Fit Finley, Heath Slater, Hornswoggle, IRS, Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, JBL, Kane, Kofi, Lana, Lillian, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Paige, Paul Heyman, Ricardo Rodriguez, Rosa Mendes, R Truth, RVD, Santino, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Summer Rae, Titus O'Neil, Vickie Guerrero, Wade Barrett, and Xavier Woods.
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Last night I attended a rock show at a small music venue in Baltimore by the band Crobot. Crobot have a very cool sound.. stoner rock with elements of metal and even some modern rock mixed in. Many of their guitar riffs are reminiscent of some 70s hard rock music. The lead singer sounds a little like Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge too which is awesome because he is an amazing vocalist. This was an early show because there were only two bands on the bill, Crobot and the local opener Foghound. Doors opened at 7 pm and the show was over by 10 pm. It wasn’t too expensive to get in ($12) and I bought a $10 vinyl of Crobot at the merch table to get signed by the band after the show.  

They didn’t have any CDs for sale but they have a new CD coming out this October that I will definitely pick up. As soon as the show was over the whole band hung out around the merch table and greeted fans. I got two group photos with the band and they signed my vinyl and a poster I found on the wall.  After I met them I headed home and wasn’t out too late which was a nice change of pace considering I had to wake up early for work the next day.  All in all, it was a fun night of rock and roll and I got to meet Crobot which was awesome so I’d call it a success. 
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Crime Time was going to be at Wrestling Universe today & since they're one of the few people they've booked that are fresh meets for me I figured I would go. Arrived at 1:40 for the 2PM signing, JTG arrived with Eric Simms on time, but for some reason Shad was arriving by himself & was running a bit late. 30 minutes later Shad arrived & the signing got underway. Both guys were nice & signed my Ency. 
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This past Friday night after we were finished meeting celebrities at Monster Mania me, class316 and our friend Don headed north to New York City to meet some more celebrities. We were going to hit up a Cate Blanchett spot first but we left Monster Mania a little too late (my fault) so we hit up another spot instead with actress Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad). We arrived at the spot a bit later than we had hoped but luckily by the time we arrived, there were still fans waiting and luckily she hadn’t left yet.  After about 10-15 minutes Anna came out and we all got combos from her.  

After this we headed to another spot to try to meet actress Annette Bening, Jay O. Sanders and possibly John Lithgow again. We arrived at the spot with a little time to spare. The first actor I spotted was John Lithgow and he had a huge beard this time. I already had a photo op with him from a couple years ago but I figured why not ask him for another since he looks different. He approached the crowd and signed but when I asked him for a photo he said he couldn’t.  Oh well, at least I already had a photo with him. Next I saw actor Jay O Sanders but he was busy talking with friends of his so I decided not to approach him until he was finished. While I was waiting I spotted Annette Bening walk out and everyone descended on her to ask for autographs and photos. She was rushing a bit but I managed to score a combo from her anyway.  After I got her I rushed back to the spot where Jay O Sanders was hanging out talking to his friends and luckily I hadn’t missed him while I was busy meeting Annette Bening. After a few more minutes he was finished and we approached him. He was very cool and signed and took photos with all of us.  After this we quickly headed to our next spot where we were hoping to meet comedian/actor Todd Barry from the movie The Wrestler. We arrived at the next spot and it appeared that the crowd had left so I wasn’t sure if Todd was still there. Luckily we went inside and found him hanging out at the bar so we asked him for combos and he did them no problem.  After this we went to another spot where we sometimes see random celebrities but unfortunately didn’t see any this time so we went to bed.

The next morning we went to the Brady Bunch convention (see Brady Bunch convention report) and afterwards we headed back to the city to try to meet actress Ally Sheedy (the Breakfast Club). We arrived early to the spot and waited for a little while. Class decided to park in an illegal spot which turned out to be a bad move because he got a $65 parking ticket and demanded that me and my friend Don help pay for the ticket even though I disapprove of him parking in illegal spots unless its an absolute emergency (in this case it was not).  Ally arrived at the spot and we all got combos. I don’t like the photo I got because she is wearing shades but she was nice enough to sign three items for me (2 DVD covers and an eight by ten photo) so that was cool. Hope I get a chance to upgrade this photo op sometime but if I don’t, at least I have one. After this it was still somewhat early so we decided to head up to Connecticut to attend the Connecticut Comic Conn (see Connecticut Comic Conn report) to score a few wants. We were thinking about attending that con on Sunday but we decided to try it on Saturday since I was trying to avoid calling out of work on Sunday. When we got back to New York City at night we decided to try for actress Cate Blanchett and Elizabeth Debicki at a spot. There were quite a few marks at the Cate spot and they actually set up a barricade for fans to wait (I hear they don’t usually do that). While waiting we spotted director Martin Scorsese come out and although I already had a photo op with him I approached him anyway to see if I could get him to sign a blank since I didn’t have his autograph. Unfortunately he only did one selfie with a fan and rushed to his car. His security guards wouldn’t let me approach him. We heard there were a couple actors in attendance that went out the front door including Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber. Luckily for me I already have photos with all of them (although it would have been cool to upgrade my Hathaway shot). Actress Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby.. upcoming movies include Macbeth and a remake of the Man from U.N.C.L.E) came out and she signed my photo and posed for a photo with me although she seemed a bit rushed. Next French actress Isabelle Huppert came out and I managed to score a photo op although this wasn’t a very big score for me since she is mostly in French films I have never heard of. 

After this Cate Blanchett came out and signed for a bunch of people including myself but unfortunately I wasn’t able to score a photo op.  Class said she did one or two selfies in this mess but it all happened so quick I didn’t see it happen. She went inside a building and we thought that was it. After a few minutes we saw her come back out to the lobby of the building (we could see through glass doors) so we went in and followed her but she went out the other end to a bar. There were only 5 of us at this point and my friend Ben approached her for a photo and she did it. When the rest of us asked she ignored us and went inside. While waiting at this spot we got another photo with Elizabeth Debicki and we also saw Anne Hathaway who rushed to her car and did nothing for nobody and actress Naomi Watts and Live Schreiber who did nothing (Naomi appeared to be drunk). Lastly, Cate Blanchett walked out but refused our photo requests.  Class chased her into the building she walked into but security chased after him and prevented him from getting the photo op. Class was upset I decided not to also chase her into the building because there are safety in numbers but I decided doing that wouldn’t score me the photo and I didn’t want to get in trouble in case I wanted to come back to this spot sometime in the future. Class got into a heated argument with one of the security guards so me and the two other marks that were with us walked away from him while this transpired. We hit up one more spot before leaving the city in hopes of seeing a random celebrity but unfortunately we saw nobody. All in all, Friday night was a homerun but Saturday was almost a bust (with the exception of Elizabeth Debicki who is a decent up and coming name). After we left the city we drove to Cherry Hill, NJ so I could score a couple more names at Monster Mania on Sunday morning before heading back home to go to work at night. All in all, it was a decent trip with some cool scores but nothing too extravagant. At least we had the conventions in combination with the street scores to make the trip worth it.
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A pretty quick and easy report. I decided to hit up one of the TNA shows on this run. Despite what the internet idiots speculate, this can not be TNA last set of tapings ever. Even if they do not get a new TV deal after this weeks shows they only have enough shows to get into September. Their TV deal with Spike expires in late October. But all logic aside, I knew that with the tapings ending late, I shouldn't get up to the city as early as I have been. Exhaustion would most likely consume me by the end of 24 plus straight. This did cost me a couple opportunities at Megan Fox, but isn't the end of the world as I later heard and saw how much of a mob scene it was. 

Since I opted on the side of sleep, this limited my options in terms of what all I could do before the show to meet people. I opted to make a set my primary focus. Deep into the heart of Brooklyn I ventured. I've tried meeting stars of the Blacklist with mixed results in the past. One trip there was only one star on set. Another there were 4 or 5 but after waiting most of a day, I saw none of them. This would be my greatest success to date. There was a somewhat difficult layout to where I had to wait, but I waited near what I thought may be James Spaders' area. I knew he would be there over the course of the day but I never did see him. After an hour or so I thought I saw Peter Stormare walking around. Peter played a criminal in the season finale opposite of Spader which is what led me to make the connection. I went up to him and he confirmed it was him and gladly took a picture. We talked about the show for a little bit. He was later walking around with a Hello Kitty backpack on. It was hard to hold back the laughter.  Peter was a great name having lots of small roles including Jurassic Park, 22 Jump Street, etc. And is scheduled to be a part of Arrow Season 3. 

A few minutes later after basking in this success, I saw Krysten Ritter walk by me. I waited around for her to finish up what she was doing. After 15 minutes of so she popped back out. I called out to her but maybe she didn't hear me. Another minute or two went by and she popped out again. She gladly took a picture This was a nice get as her stock is on the rise with her current and upcoming projects. 

Another stretch wait came, I saw Megan Boone but she looked sweaty and disheveled so I knew asking for a pic, especially after my previous interaction, wasn't the best idea. I waited for her to finish with her break so I could get another pic with her. While waiting Diego Klattenhoff walked by. He took a picture and was on his way. This was a big score as he is the 3rd or 4th biggest name on the show. Megan eventually exited, I asked for a picture since she looked much better. She asked if I could wait till she finished make up and I obliged still hoping to see Spader. After getting her makeup on, she walked up to me and remembered meeting me from January.  I was happily surprised she remembered me. I had a similar situation with Pablo Schrieber but this meant a lot more. Megan then proceeded to hang around for a couple minutes talking to me. It was an experience I won't soon forget. 

With significant time left before the TNA show, I decided to hit a location for Megan Fox. I arrived a couple hours early and still couldn't get a spot on the rail.  The crowd continued to grow. At some point the barricades were removed because of police. This sealed the deal for me leaving as I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere near her in the cluster that would ensue. I later heard she wouldn't stop. Looks like I saved myself some time. 

The TNA show was mediocre at best. If they continue to put on lackluster TV like I saw, then there is no chance they get a new TV deal and will go out of business. I left as the main event of the second show was starting to try and get some of the talent I knew would leave early. This time around the area was a lot more crowded than in June. The Atlas security caused issues getting names in addition to hippo security. They were sneaking talent out side exits. Escorting talent pass fans if they went out the main exit.At one point Rockstar Spud came out and started signing. They pulled him back inside and forced him out a side exit. It worked out as I got a cool duel photo with him and EC3. Both commenting on a 6'8" guy wearing an "I'm with Spud" shirt. All in all it wasn't worth the extra hassle to me as I've met nearly every name on the roster as only had a new items I wanted signed. Before I called it quits I got a funny 8x10 done from Mr. Anderson as well. I'm glad I left when I did as it was a rough drive home.
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This time around I scored a very rare picture with Jeff Daniels! He is known around the hobby as being a pretty mean guy.This was my first encounter with him, and he wasn't the nicest..not at all. He seemed to be disgusted that we were there waiting for him. After declining us once, he gave in, most probably just to get rid of us. Somehow, this turned into a success...a rare moment of weakness from Jeff Daniels prevailed.

Two more Oscar winners here include the legendary Jeff Bridges and Mary Steenburgen. I heard mixed things about the Big Lebowski, but he was as nice as can be. Mary Steenburgen & Ted Danson were great. I had already met Ted Danson in the past, but was very interested in Mary and getting the dual-op. Among other things, their work on Curb Your Enthusiasm together was awesome.

Other blasts from the pasts include Brat Pack member Ally Sheedy and Perfect Stranger's Mark Linn-Baker (Larry Appleton), who was a total random encounter. 

On the music end, Nine Inch Nails is definitely huge and very influential. Being a fan, it was great to meet Trent. 
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This past Friday me, class316 and my friend Don went to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have to admit this wasn’t the strongest Monster Mania lineup thus far but I still had some wants there. We went inside, paid for our wristbands and then went straight to the celebrity room to start meeting celebrities. We were trying to get out of the con in a timely manner so we would have time to go to New York City and meet more celebrities after. The first celebrity I met was actor James Karen (Return of the Living Dead).. I got a combo from him. He was a very friendly guy and a rare con guest too. Next I met actor Clu Gulager (also in Return of the Living Dead and Poltergeist)… got a combo from him as well. My memory is a little fuzzy but I think they were $30 each for a combo. 

After this I met actor Colin Ford from Under the Dome. He was $10 for a photo op and $30 extra for an autograph so I opted to do just a photo op with him. He was very friendly and had no line whatsoever. After this I got an upgraded photo with Keith David from They Live for only $10. Last time I met him he had glasses and a hat on so I felt it was worth it to upgrade the shot. The only celebrities in the room who appeared to have long lines were the Walking Dead celebrities and I needed four of them.  I found out one of them, Alanna Masterson wasn’t able to make it to the con on Friday but she would be there Saturday and Sunday.  First I lined up to meet actor Josh McDermitt. I stood in line for over half an hour to meet him. He was $40 for a combo and a very cool guy when I got up to him. Next I got in line to meet actor Jeff Kober who was $30 for a combo. He has been in a lot of movies and TV shows including Sons of Anarchy and China Beach in addition to Walking Dead so he is a good name. After this I got in line to meet actor Lawrence Gilliard Jr who was in the Walking Dead but I am a bigger fan of him for his role in the movie The Waterboy. He combo price was steep ($60) but I decided to get him anyway since he had a cool photo from the Waterboy on his table and he was charging $40 for just a photo op so I figured why not pay $20 more and go for the full combo. 

The next celebrity I went for was actor Mads Mikkelsen who plays Hannibal Lecter in TVs Hannibal and the main villain in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Class grabbed me a spot in line so as soon as I was finished meeting Lawrence I joined him in the line. Mads combo price was $80 but me and class split the photo op so I ended up only paying $60 for this combo. Mads was very cool.. I asked him where he was from and he said he is Dutch. We waited in line for about 45 minutes to an hour to meet him so he was our biggest line for the day. After this I went back to the main celebrity room to meet my last few celebrity guests. I got a photo upgrade with actor Michael Berryman for only $10.. last time I got a photo op with him he was wearing a hat and my camera wasn’t as good. After this I got a combo from actor Thom Matthews (Friday the 13th Pt 6: Jason Lives, Return of the Living Dead). After this I got a photo op with actress Danielle Bisutti (Curse of Chucky, Insidious 2) for $20. At this point there were two more celebrities I was going to meet.. 

Burt Ward and actress Alanna Masterson but Burt had left his table for the evening and Alanna couldn’t make it Friday so I wasn’t going to get them Friday. I already had a photo with Burt from years ago but wanted to upgrade my shot since he was only charging $20 to take photos at his table. I was able to get to New York City in time afterwards to meet quite a few awesome celebrities so all in all I’d call it a win win situation. I ended up returning to the con on Sunday morning while we were on our way back home from New York so I had the opportunity to get an upgraded Burt Ward shot and an Alanna Masterson combo on Sunday. Also on Sunday I didn’t have to pay admission to get in because I had a “hookup” so that was further incentive to come back.  One other awesome thing about attending on Sunday for a little while is I hung out with Greg2600 for a little while which was awesome.  My only real complaint about Monster Mania is I wish they would make more of an effort to book original celebrity guests as opposed to the ones they use over and over again. Some of their guests were fresh and original but many of them were repeats and this is a trend in conventions I wish would go away. Anyway, another Monster Mania is now in the books.